‘Ritualistic Sacrifice’: Defense For Man Accused Of Killing Two Teens Alleges White Nationalists Are To Blame

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Ilan Hulkower Contributor
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Attorneys representing Richard Allen, the man accused of murdering two teenage girls in Indiana back in 2017, filed court documents on Sept. 18 maintaining that the girls died in a “ritualistic sacrifice” by a white nationalist group that had nothing to do with their client.

The 136-page memorandum alleges that Odinists, a Norse pagan group with white nationalist ties, were responsible for the murders and that the Oct. 13, 2022 warrant authorizing a search of Allen’s home was based on faulty probable cause, USA Today reported.  The attorneys argued that there were clues to the ritualistic nature of the murder found at the crime scene as sticks placed around the victims’ bodies formed Germanic letters associated with Odinism, the outlet reported.

In particular, the attorneys argued that the sticks placed in the hair of one victim “crudely mimicked horns or antlers”, the Daily Mail reported. The attorneys also pointed out that the crime scene contained a painting in the blood of one of the victims forming the symbol for ‘F’, the outlet reported. (RELATED: REPORT: Man Allegedly Confesses To ‘Brutal, Ice-Blooded Murder’ Committed 44 Years Ago)

The motion by the defense accused the police of quickly abandoning the ritualistic aspect of the murder despite the evidence plainly attesting to this, USA Today reported. This abandonment occurred after a professor from Purdue University allegedly was consulted by the police and told them that neither Odinism nor any other group could have committed the crime, NBC reported.

According to the defense attorneys, however, the investigators could not identify who this purported professor is and there is no material turned over by the police from this professor, the news outlet reported. The motion further asserted that no forensic or electronic data linked their client to the crime scene. “Richard Allen had nothing to do with this crime, but rather is an innocent man; a patsy for the police, arrested 26 days before an election,” the attorney declared, NBC reported.

Police allege that an unfired bullet, found between the victims’ bodies, had certain markings that matched a pistol owned by Allen that establishes him as the killer, USA Today reported. Prosecutors also allege that Allen confessed several times to committing the crimes in a prison phone call to his wife, NBC reported.