‘You Didn’t Even Try’: Famous Comedian Blasts Bob Menendez As ‘Felony Stupid’


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New Jersey comedian Joey Diaz ripped Democratic New Jersey Sen. Bob Menendez on Monday’s episode of “Jesse Watters Primetime.”

“Joey, what is going on with my friend gold bar Bob?” Fox News host Jesse Watters asked.

Diaz slammed Menendez over the charges of bribery levied against him, joking that he was likely influenced by “his pal” President Joe Biden. He then questioned his judgement for allegedly having the stash of gold bars in his home, joking that he should’ve made a deal with an aide to “hold it.” (RELATED: Bob Menendez’s Daughter Took The Weekend Off From Hosting Her MSNBC Show)

Watters pointed out that the “dirty cash” was allegedly sewn into a windbreaker in lieu of being put in a safe.

“It’s felony stupid,” Diaz responded. “When he goes in front of the judge, that’s felony stupid. You didn’t even try. Like, you didn’t even bury it in the backyard.” Diaz pointed out that Menendez was also “indicted in 2015,” charges that he eventually beat. He said that he has “nothing against the guy” and touted his “deep Jersey connections.”

“I don’t know what Bob is doing anymore,” Diaz said. “Maybe he was saving money for a rainy day. Times are getting tough.”

Menendez and his wife were indicted on bribery charges on Friday, alleging that over $480,000 in cash was found in the home. In 2015, the Daily Caller broke news of prostitution allegations against the senator, which later sparked the FBI’s attention.