Mechanics Discover 8-Foot Boa Under Hood Of Car. Video Shows ‘The Snake Chaser’ Pulling It Out

Public/Screenshot/Website — wpde.com via Russell Cavender

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Mechanics in Myrtle Beach discovered a massive snake hiding under the hood of a car Tuesday morning, prompting them to call a man known as “The Snake Chaser,” according to a local report.

Employees at Beach Automotive watched in awe as Russell Cavender, a.k.a. “The Snake Chaser,” pulled an eight-foot albino boa constrictor from the engine of a Ford Focus, according to video shared by WPDE.

The 30-second video shows Cavender yanking the majestic beast from the bowels of the vehicle as employees look on. Cavender said this was the first time he’s ever taken such a massive snake from a car. (RELATED: ‘Punched In The Back Of The Head’: Aggressive Hawk Attacks Construction Workers, Interrupts Mail Delivery)

“I have found many many things underneath the hood of cars. Possums, Squirells rats [sic], and a [sic] several snakes, but never an 8 foot albino boa constrictor,” The Snake Chaser said in a Facebook post Sept. 26.

The albino boa did not belong to the car’s owner, WPDE’s Ed Piotrowski reported. It remains unknown where exactly it came from.

Cavender, who calls himself a nuisance wildlife control specialist, caught his first snake when he was just three years old, according to his website. He was already catching venomous snakes by the age of seven. Besides assisting in the removal of dangerous reptiles, Cavender also says he can help with raccoons, foxes, bobcats, hornets, yellow jackets, bats and more.