People Couldn’t Stop Talking About One Candidate’s Hairstyle At Tonight’s GOP Debate


Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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Presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy clocked the most speaking time during Wednesday’s GOP debate, but the real chatter was about his very distracting hair.

Ramaswamy’s hair was styled so high that it quickly became the butt of online jokes that quickly gained traction online. The bizarre hair style was piled high above his head, and had people mocking him relentlessly. He took hits, and was compared to characters like Butt-Head, Kid, from “Kid ‘N Play,” and Count Chocula. The general consensus is his hair took the spotlight off his performance, for all the wrong reasons.

Online trolls hit hard, dragging Ramaswamy for his poor styling choice, and making fun of him with side-by-side comparisons of characters with notoriously big hair.

“Vivek coming in strong with the Butthead hair cut, #RepublicanDebate #GOPDebate #VivekRamaswamy #bevisandbutthead,” one user wrote to Twitter. (RELATED: ‘I Feel A Little Bit Dumber’: Sparks Fly As Nikki Haley And Vivek Ramaswamy Feud Over TikTok)

“Vivek Ramaswamy’s hair looks like Count Chocula’s #GOPDebate,” another user said.

One Twitter user even compared him to Max Heardroom, and it’s hard to ignore the similarities.

“If you close your eyes tonight when Vivek Ramaswamy is speaking, you hear Max Headroom. If you then open your eyes and look at his hair, you see Max Headroom, too,” the user wrote.

Others commented on Ramaswamy’s epic hair fail by writing, “#GOPDebate Vivek Ramaswamy is so whipped up and screamy that his hair is rising up toward Jesus out of fear,” and, “Me thinks Meghan McCain’s hair stylist found a new victim.”