Scott Jennings, Van Jones Say Biden Camp Doesn’t ‘Understand’ How ‘Effective’ Trump ‘Can Be,’ Argue It’s A ‘Danger’

[Screenshot CNN This Morning]

Brianna Lyman News and Commentary Writer
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CNN’s Scott Jennings and Van Jones said the Biden campaign does not “understand” how “effective” former President Donald Trump “can be,” calling their alleged ignorance a “danger.”

Jennings discussed the increased cost of living, arguing the “single thing” that would get Trump reelected is beating Biden on the issue of inflation.

“Biden has no answer on inflation, none,” Jennings argued. “You can’t show people charts and graphs when they don’t feel they can afford just a basic vehicle. A chart or a graph ain’t going to fix that gut instinct of anxiety you have about, ‘Am I going to be able to afford to live?'”

Jones said he agreed with Jennings “100 percent,” arguing the GOP candidates diminished themselves during Wednesday’s debate while the American people at home are still worried about the economy.

“Meanwhile, people at home, you can’t buy stuff,” Jones said. “I mean you literally — they’re not wrong — you’re taking stuff out of your basket. You go up there, you’re like ‘holy crap.’ You go back. And so, I do think that there’s a deeper pain here, and Donald Trump could just be the alternative to the pain. Just – I think that’s what’s gonna be his — ‘You like what you got? Stick with what you got, or you go with me.’ And if he’s able to pull that off, you got a problem.” (RELATED: Did Bidenomics Kill The American Dream? Homes And Cars Are Becoming Increasingly Unaffordable For The Middle Class)

“Trump was a better candidate in ’16,” Jennings said. “He was not the incumbent. He didn’t have to answer for the decisions he had made, really. Now, he’s not the president. He does have a record, but he’s a better candidate outside-in than inside-out. And I don’t think the Biden people understand yet just how effective he can be–”

“That’s a danger,” Jones chimed in.

“It’s dangerous, and I don’t think they get it yet,” Jennings continued before the segment ended.

A Wall Street Journal poll from Sept. 11 found nearly 60% of voters believe the economy has declined under Biden and 63% of those polled say they are not a fan of how Biden has handled inflation.