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With Big Dreams and His Father’s Work Ethic, Vasilii Shvets Set Out to Make an Impact

Maria Williams Contributor
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As a young boy in the town of Kamensk-Uralskiy, Vasilii Shvets observed how hard his parents worked to provide for their children and contribute to their community. As a pharmacist, his mother supported her patients with their medical needs.  His father worked for a metallurgy company that employed 7,000 people and was integral to the town’s industrial and economic success. Inspired by his father’s dedication to his career, Shvets decided he would approach his own career with the same work ethic as his father, but he knew he had some of his own career goals that would separate his path from his dad’s.

Shvets always wanted to be a leader; he wanted to improve processes, inspire employees, and build strategic plans to improve a business. He watched his father have an impact as a metallurgy worker, but Shvets was determined to leave a longer-lasting legacy by creating jobs, building a business, and supporting the economic needs of cities in Russia and all around the world. With this in mind, he pursued an engineering degree from Ural State Forest Engineering University in 2007, gaining skills in mechanical engineering, process improvement, and business negotiation. 

After working as an engineer for the Transport Department of UralAvto, Shvets stepped into a production leadership role at Sinara-Blagoustroystvo where he changed production processes, optimized operational capacity, and improved the production system itself. During that time, the company was undergoing major changes at a higher level; it was splitting off from its parent company to operate independently and adjusting its offerings to better fit market demands. Thrilled by the opportunity ahead, Shvets stepped up as a leader, began mass media advertising campaigns, and assessed all divisions of the company.

When he bought the remaining company shares from shareholders and became managing director, Shvets knew that the business needed a different approach if it was going to survive the coming years. He analyzed the financial picture of the company, investigated its tax structure, and assessed market trends before he got to work making swift changes. 

What had been its main source of revenue for years – landscaping services – was falling in profitability and demand was slipping. Taking a calculated risk, Shvets began shifting the focus of the business, moving from a service provider structure and becoming a production-focused facility. He boosted profitability in the street cleaning division, reduced dependence on third-party suppliers, and shut down other divisions that were underperforming. With a bit of cash, Shvets began investing heavily in the company’s future as a production giant.

Now named ATR-Ural, the company is a massive producer of customized wooden containers for industrial customers, lifting textile slings, tie-down straps, and more. In 2022 and 2023, the production of textile slings increased ten-fold and the number of jobs offered to local workers has matched that pace. Eager to break into new markets and regions, Shvets hopes to expand ATR-Ural to the United States and offer new products such as textile laptop cases and cooler bags. 

His story is one of determination and innovation, but it’s nowhere near complete. As a boy, he knew he wanted to lead a company, build something new, and help employ people all over his home country. But, as he grew, his dreams did too. Shvets spent the time to understand a new business, expertly analyzed its current and future states, and made the necessary changes to be successful. ATR-Ural started as a service-based company that operated in many different fields, but in just over a decade, it has become a production giant that serves a range of clients including industrial and commercial organizations. With his skillful approach and thoughtful leadership, there’s no doubt that Shvets’ expansion plans will be executed perfectly.

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