‘Over A Penny’: Video Shows Man Allegedly Splashing Hot Coffee On McDonald’s Manager In Drive-Thru

Public/Screenshot/Website — via MiamiSpringsPD

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Miami Springs police arrested a man after he allegedly slapped hot coffee from a McDonald’s manager’s hand after a pricing dispute, burning her chest and arm, according to a local report and city officials. 

Police arrested 64-year-old Elizar Ravelo on Monday following the Aug. 25 incident, according to Local 10 News.


Video shared by authorities allegedly shows Ravelo pull up to the drive-thru and begin to argue with the window attendant. Ravelo was angry “over the amount he was being charged,” according to a statement from police and the City of Miami Springs.

“The restaurant manger [sic] approached the window and explained she did not appreciate the way he was treating the employees and that if he continued to do so, would not be allowed back at the restaurant,” the statement reads. (RELATED: Video Shows Man Apparently Slamming Car Into Police Station While Blasting ‘Welcome To The Jungle’)

Ravelo threatened to throw the coffee on the manager before reaching out and slapping it out of her hands, burning her arm and chest, according to the statement. Video appears to show the cup of coffee splash over the manager as she stands in the drive-thru window.

Officers arrested Ravelo for felony battery. He is a regular at the Miami Springs McDonald’s, shift manager Nayib Garcia told Local 10. “He orders a Sausage McMuffin with a round egg separately, and he orders a senior coffee, is what I was told,” Garcia said.

The alleged dispute was over a single cent, Garcia added. “What the rest of the crew told me, it was over a penny.”

Ravelo is being held at the Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center on a $5,000 bond, Local 10 reported. He turned himself in and told officers he was dissatisfied with the service he allegedly received, according to the outlet.