Fox News Caller Trolls Network, Tells Viewers To Watch Tucker On Twitter Instead


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A Fox News viewer called in to the network Tuesday night and praised Daily Caller co-founder Tucker Carlson while questioning the credibility of corporate media.

After leaving Fox, Tucker started a new show on Twitter, which has attracted millions of viewers. Jesse Watters — Tucker’s replacement in the 8 p.m. time slot — has averaged 2.4 million viewers, a steep drop from the 3.5 million that Tucker averaged in February 2023. During coverage of a shooting at Morgan State University on Tuesday night, a prankster, who purported to be a student named “Tyrone,” called in to troll the network.

“What transpired?” Fox News host Trace Gallagher asked the caller. (RELATED: ‘In The Middle Of A Revolution’: Tucker Sits Down With Victor Davis Hanson)

“We all get together every Tuesday night, and we watch Tucker Carlson’s show on X. We used to watch him on Fox News. Obviously, he’s not there no more, and still being the most credible guy in the media in America, we always get together to watch Tucker Carlson,” the caller said. “And, I think he’s doing probably better now that he’s not with Fox News, because the corporate media always controls what the teleprompter readers are able to say. And now that he doesn’t have that hand up his back—”

Gallagher interrupted Tyrone and instructed his producers to get the previous guest back on the phone.

“Maybe we can work to get Don back on the phone?” Gallagher requested.

“Clearly, that was not a student at Morgan State University,” Gallagher said.

News anchors have long battled with pranksters attempting to make light of serious situations.

Perhaps most infamously, a man purporting to be named Robert Higgins trolled ABC’s Peter Jennings during the infamous 1994 O.J. Simpson white bronco police chase.

The call featured the faux eyewitness speaking in a stereotypical African-American accent as he described to Jennings what O.J. Simpson was supposedly doing in his vehicle.

“Ah, what I’m lookin’ at ri’ now is I’m lookin’ at the van, and I see OJ kinna’ slouchin’ down lookin’ very very upset. Now lookee here, he look very upset. I don’ know what gon’ be doin’,” the man said.

Jennings then asked Higgins if he heard anything.

“It’s just too much commotion, I hear in the back of a news van, so I can’ really hear that goo’ but I can see it all. An’ I see OJ. I see OJ, man, and he looks scared. An’ I would be scared ’cause there’s cops all deep in this,” he said.

“Thank you, Mr. Higgins,” Jennings retorted.

“An’ Bobba Booey to y’all!” the prank caller concluded, revealing himself to be a Howard Stern listener.