‘F*ck You’: Amar’e Stoudemire Blasts ‘Cowardly’ Black Lives Matter, Politicians For Silence On Israel Attacks

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Who knew Amar’e Stoudemire was so based?

The former NBA superstar absolutely blasted both Black Lives Matter (BLM) and politicians after the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas launched its attacks on Israel.

A blatantly blunt Stoudemire didn’t hold back when talking about what’s going on in the holy nation, with the six-time All-Star issuing a straight-up message in an Instagram video Sunday to those staying silent on Hamas: “F*ck you.”

“I woke up this morning with some disturbing news out of Israel – that Hamas is kidnapping children, putting them in cages, killing women, killing the elderly. That’s some coward sh*t. That’s cowardly,” Stoudemire said. “And for all y’all Black Lives Matter [supporters] who ain’t saying nothing, ‘Well, let me figure out exactly what’s happening before I say anything’ — f*ck you.”

“Figure out what? It ain’t never been cool to kidnap kids and put them in cages. Ain’t never been cool to kill women and [the] elderly. Never been, no matter where you from, what you represent, what tribe you for, it don’t matter. It ain’t never been no cool thing. That ain’t never been nothing nobody supported. And then you go and hide and put the kids in front of you as a barricade. That’s some coward sh*t.”

A former player with the Phoenix Suns, New York Knicks, Dallas Mavericks and my Miami Heat, Stoudemire went on to talk about why Israel is so important to him and how he doesn’t appreciate how some aren’t showing support towards the victims in the attacks.

“All you politicians who always have something to say on the contrary – I see you. F*ck you. All you Black Lives Matter people who always have something to say and always supported everything else and you quiet now – f*ck you, too. Only place in the world I can go and study Torah and eat Kosher food. Only place in the world. Some coward sh*t, dawg, and all y’all support it. F*ck you.

“On my mama, we don’t respect none of y’all for that.”



I also found out Stoudemire has Hebrew roots and has been learning about them since 2010, later getting Israeli citizenship in 2019 and then converting to Judaism in 2020. I honestly had no idea about any of this, so it explains why Stoudemire is such an intelligent G on the matter.

And quite frankly, it’s so refreshing to hear in this anti-Israel world.

Thank you for keepin’ it real, A’mare. Thank you. (RELATED: Parents Of Detroit Lions’ Alex Anzalone Stuck In Israel After Hamas Launches Attacks On Holy Nation)

Just keep praying for the holy nation, ladies and gentlemen.