Dave Considine Calls Parents ‘Selfish’ Over Concerns Men On Women’s Teams Will Take Away College Opportunities

Screenshot/Twitter/MacIver News Service

Ilan Hulkower Contributor
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Wisconsin State Rep. Dave Considine said parents were “selfish” if they had concerns men would take away college sports opportunities from women.

The video, posted by MacIver News Service on Thursday, displayed the Wisconsin politician saying parent’s concerns over this policy was selfish.

“Some parents are concerned that their daughter might miss out on a scholarship. They might miss out on playing for this team or that team,” Considine said. “Boy, that doesn’t sound like community. That sounds like selfishness. I am sorry to label it that way, but that sounds like what it is to me,” he added.

“‘I am only worried about myself and not worried about building the team and having my school have a powerful team,'” Rep. Considine said.

Rep. Cosidine has served in the Wisconsin State Assembly since 2015, according to Ballotpedia. He sponsored a resolution in 2023 to have March 31st, 2023 be proclaimed as Wisconsin’s Transgender Day of Visibility, according to Track Bill.

He also promoted Transgender Day of Remembrance on his Facebook account back in Nov. 2022.

“Today we remember trans people who are no longer with us. This day was created to bring awareness to violence against trans people. In 1999, Gwendolyn Ann Smith created the Transgender Day of Remembrance (TDOR) as a vigil for Rita Hester, a trans woman who was murdered. It is important we remember the names of trans lives lost to anti-trans violence,” the post read.