Major City Overrun With Prostitutes, Sex Trafficking Less Than A Year After Gov. Gavin Newsom’s Policy Passes

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Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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Los Angeles is overrun with prostitutes, many of whom are extremely young, thanks to Democratic California Gov. Gavin Newsom’s decision to decriminalize sex work in Jan. 2023.

A report published Monday detailed the extent of South LA’s prostitution crisis, with apparently hundreds of sex workers advertising their trade along the sidewalks of Figueroa Boulevard, the New York Post reported. This stunning growth in prostitution follows Newsom’s decision to decriminalize it in January, per the outlet.

“Before, this type of activity only happened at night where most citizens wouldn’t see it, but now it’s 24/7. Now you can drive by at 2 p.m. and see it. Families drive by and see 10 girls on the corner, condoms on the ground.” a source told the Post. “You go by the alleys and you see a guy in the middle of the alley and a woman performing [fellatio]. And a mom and her kids have to pass by that. It’s ridiculous, all in the open broad daylight. God only knows the impact it has on those kids who have to see this.”

Photos showed the women parading around in broad daylight barely clothed. Looking at them, you have to wonder if Newsom is proud of this insane dystopia he’s created.

The Los Angeles Police Department, which is no longer allowed to stop women who offer sex work unless they look underage, said prostitutes will perform sex acts for as little as $40, per the outlet.

The city is so overrun with hookers that local charities can’t keep up, and many of these girls are so brainwashed that they aren’t even willing to seek help, the Post noted.

So, should we really be calling this a prostitution crisis, or is this a human sex trafficking crisis that Newsom helped decriminalize? (RELATED: Gavin Newsom Admits He’s Oblivious To LA District Attorney’s Work As Public Sounds Alarm On Crime Spike)

“We hope that the Safer Streets for All Act will help people understand how policing does not create public safety, and will immediately deprive police of one tool they use to harass and oppress folks based on race and gender,” moronic trans sex worker activist Ashley Madness said of Newsom’s policy, as if she’s never read a single thing about the horrific abuses, mental illness, physical illness, risk of violence, murder and more that sex work entails for women.