LOUIE GOHMERT: How Western Pressure On Israel Led To The Brutal Hamas Massacre

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Louie Gohmert Louie Gohmert is a former United States Representative from Texas' First Congressional District.
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You have heard about the barbaric attacks on Israel. You have heard about Israel’s response to the horrors of those attacks. You have heard purported Jewish protestors at the U.S. Capitol demanding a ceasefire now! You have heard reports that the U.S. provided Iran funds to make the attack possible. You have heard the defense that the United States did not “give” the money to Iran, but simply made it available for them to spend. 

What you have not heard is how the radical Islamic jihadist group, Hamas, was ever in a position to make such a diabolical and sadistic attack on innocent civilians in Israel. Now you will.

As a result of the 1967 Six-Day War, Israel took control of what is referred to as the Gaza Strip. With Israeli military in place in Gaza and Israelis feeling safe enough to live in Gaza, Jewish residences increased as did greenhouses, manufacturing and other places of business, which actually provided jobs, food and provisions locally in Gaza. That included providing jobs for Palestinians there as well. Though tensions continued, the Israel military’s presence provided some stability as well as intelligence regarding potential threats emanating from the area. 

With pressure from the Clinton administration, Israel agreed to the Oslo Accords in which the Palestinians did not give up anything significant with which they would comply. However, in trying to demonstrate good faith efforts at achieving peace, Israel on the other hand gave up some control within Gaza, agreed to the creation of the Palestinian Authority, and among other outcomes, the leader of the Palestine Liberation Organization, Yasser Arafat, was allowed to live and lead Fatah and the PLO from within Gaza. Many attribute the creation of Hamas to the alleged corruption of Arafat and the PLO in Gaza. 

Under the banner of “No good deed goes unpunished,” while Israeli businesses provided economic benefit to Gaza, the increased Palestinian control brought increased tensions and violent threats to Israel’s safety. 

In 2005, again Israel faced mounting pressure from its western allies to do something truly monumental and unilateral without getting anything significant in return. The idea was that if Israel took an extraordinary unilateral action to supposedly benefit Palestinians, the world would finally know for sure that Israel was fully committed to peace in the Middle East. That action was for the Israeli government to force all Jewish residents in Gaza to abandon their homes, their businesses, the huge greenhouses, the manufacturing and turn it all over to Palestinians for their total control. Israel gave full authority to the Palestinians in Gaza, which allowed for the strengthening of Hamas and the increasing of violence against Israel. 

In their hatred for Jews, Palestinians destroyed the greenhouses and many of the businesses that could have been a great source of assistance to them. But their hatred for Israelis overcame good sense that would have taken over the businesses and gardens instead of destroying them. The unilateral gift to the Palestinians of complete Palestinian occupation and control of Gaza resulted in the ongoing rocket attacks into Israel that seek to terrorize, destroy and kill Israelis. 

Had Israel never been pressured into unilaterally walking away from Gaza in order to show Israelis’ unequivocal commitment to peace, the horrors of the most recent attacks could not have happened without prior discernment by Israeli intelligence and certainly not on such a barbaric level. 

Keep in mind that leftist control of most universities and media have indoctrinated many younger Americans into believing that any problem in the Middle East is the direct result and fault of Israel. They have also minimized the most horrific genocide in world history, the Holocaust, and its murder of over six million Jews. Some now have been taught to doubt it ever happened. Some Palestinians say outright that it did not happen. But it did. That is what led to overwhelming sympathy to prevent antisemitism from ever growing to the point that another genocide of Jews could happen again.

Yet, we have miseducated Americans and Europeans so badly that many are actually demanding another Holocaust. They actually support the killing of all Jews “from the river to the sea” (from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea). 

Young Americans have even supported the radical Islamist idea of letting all Jews come to Israel so that they can be murdered all at once. One American college student admitted to David Horowitz on video that she agreed with that idea.

Something on which radical Islamists have been able to count, has been that they can attack Israel using the most abhorrent, nauseating, murderous tactics, and the American self-considered intelligentsia will defend them with the longest, loudest protests ever. Rather than university degrees, common sense will inform those with eyes to see and ears to hear that when Islamic radicals continue to barbarically attack Israel, do their worst, then retreat, only for leftists immediately call for a ceasefire before Israel can adequately respond, those leftists are accessories after the fact as well as aiding and abetting those same villainous war criminals to attack Israel again in the future. 

So proper blame for the current bloodshed in the Middle East should be considered as follows:

(1) Palestinian hate for Israel and Jewish people; 

(2) Financial assistance to, educational support for, and glorification of radicals committing the murder of Jews.

(3) Continued international financial support for those with such hate for Jews from countries including the United States (as I have said for two decades, “You don’t have to pay people to hate you; they’ll do it for free”); 

(4) Cover from leftists and Marxists;

(5) Peace lovers who do not understand that the people they are funding and helping want another Holocaust;

But none of that could have made the latest unprovoked attacks against Israel possible without western demands over the last thirty years that Israel show the world its desire for peace by making unilateral acts of acquiescence to those who want them wiped off the face of the earth, which included the Israeli abandonment of Gaza.  

Louie Gohmert is a former United States Representative for the Texas’ First Congressional District.

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