This Guy Got So Into ‘Yellowstone’ That He Bought A Horse And Started Taking It To Bars

(Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images)

Ilan Hulkower Contributor
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One Texan’s love for the show “Yellowstone” inspired him to learn how to ride a horse which we now takes to bars, restaurants, and Walmarts, NBC DFW reported.

Michael Duncan told NBC DFW that “Yellowstone” moved him to purchase a carriage horse that he renamed Sheriff, a reference to his sports idol Peyton Manning.

“He’s the closest thing I’ve ever had. He’s my best friend,” Duncan told the outlet about the 19-year-old horse he bought two years ago.

“I do have a fake I.D. that says he’s 21,” Duncan admitted about his horse, the outlet noted. As such Sheriff can enjoy going to the bar with Duncan. Altogether, the duo have gone to over 100 places together. Duncan told the outlet that the two have mostly traveled to bars, patios, and some restaurants.

“He’s been in four or five-star hotels,” Duncan told NBC DFW. Duncan also brings Sheriff along on trips to Walmart.

“The greeter at Walmart didn’t know what to say,” Duncan told the Dallas Observer. “The policemen were outside daring me to do it.”

“The way the law works is it’s private property,” Duncan explained to the Dallas Observer. “If I go in and they say I can’t go in, then it’s criminal trespassing, but I’ve never gone in without permission before.”

Duncan told NBC DFW that Sheriff has a very calm demeanor and is used to large crowds of people making the outings possible.

Sheriff’s and Duncan’s adventures can be viewed through their Instagram account.