XI VAN FLEET: The Woke Cultural Revolution Will Turn The United States Into China. Here’s How We Stop It

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Xi Van Fleet Contributor
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The following is an excerpt from Xi Van Fleet’s new book “Mao’s America: A Survivor’s Warning.” It can be purchased here.

After decades of engaging with the CCP, we see that Western style democracy has been defeated in its infancy in China, while Chinese-style authoritarianism has been exported and gaining ground in the West. The pandemic brought that reality closer to Americans. While China is becoming less and less like the West, the West is becoming more and more like China. 

In China, Xi Jinping has revived Mao’s Cultural Revolution. In America, the progressives have launched the second phase of the counterculture revolution. The Chinese Marxists and the American Marxists share the same goal, same standpoints, same tactics and even the same vocabulary. And they are working on destroying capitalism and, with it, our freedom. 

That’s why I say it’s time to put Communism on trial! 

Few would argue against the evils of slavery, Nazism or Fascism. No one would openly defend these evil systems and ideologies without being denounced. In fact, people have zero tolerance for those who were involved with the Nazis’ crimes, even if it involved working as a secretary in a death camp. In December 2022, a ninety-seven-year-old woman, a former Nazi death camp secretary, was convicted by German court. And rightfully so.

Yet, that is not the case with socialism and Communism, which are responsible for arguably more horrific crimes against humanity. Bernie Sanders openly claims that he himself is a socialist. The same is true for AOC and the “squad,” although they put an attractive adjective in front of the word socialism: democratic socialism. 

The Communist Party USA (CPUSA) was founded in 1919, two years after the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917 and two years before the launch of the Chinese Communist Party. More than a hundred years later, CPUSA is still in operation and growing. In December 2021, Senator Richard Blumenthal attended the event to celebrate the 102nd anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party USA in Connecticut to offer his congratulations and present the awards! He did, however, express his regret for doing so afterward.

Why is Communism not condemned in America and in the West in the same manner that Nazism was rebuked? The reason Nazism and Fascism have become synonymous as forms of evil is because their crimes and ideologies were tried and condemned in the court of international law. We need Nuremberg-type trials for the biggest murderers in human history: Lenin, Stalin, Mao and Pol Pot. We need Nuremberg-type trials for Communist ideology. It is this ideology that is responsible for more than one hundred million deaths! Ideology does kill. 

The work has indeed already started. In May 2022, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis signed a bill into law, designating November 7 Victims of Communism Day. That bill dedicates at least forty-five minutes of instruction on Victims of Communism Day to teaching students about the evil and danger of Communism. We need to educate not only the schoolchildren but also the entire population on the danger and threat of Communism to America.


It is all about power. It is about gaining power by first destabilizing a society through cultural subversion and upheaval, as demonstrated by Mao’s Cultural Revolution, and its present-day reiteration in the form of a Woke Revolution here in America. It is also about maintaining power by secondly stabilizing the Marxist hegemony to exact complete control over its people, as demonstrated by Xi Jinping in today’s China. 

In other words, this Woke cultural revolution in America is the elites’ pathway to their ultimate destination: the so-called “China Model,” a ruthless totalitarian regime armed with surveillance and AI technology which will control every move of individuals 24/7. Once absolute power is established, the elites will redefine morality and social norms which we all will have to live by. I can assure you that these new moralities and social norms will have nothing to do with the Woke ideology they are pushing today. It’s only a means to an end. I can also assure you that our freedom will be taken away and we will all be brought under total subjugation by the state no matter whether you are on the left or the right. 

Dear reader, this has been my warning.

Xi Van Fleet grew up in Mao’s China and spent her entire school years in the turmoil of the Chinese Cultural Revolution. In 1986 she came to America as a student to pursue her graduate studies. She holds master degrees in English and Library Science. She became involved in politics after realizing the Chinese Cultural Revolution was taking place in America. Her book “Mao’s America: A Survivor’s Warning” is available now.

The views and opinions expressed in this commentary are those of the author and do not reflect the official position of the Daily Caller.