Anti-Israel Demonstrators Harass Jewish Students In Library Of Cooper Union College


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Jewish students at the prestigious Cooper Union college in New York City huddled in a library as pro-Palestine protesters tried to breach the entrance.

The video, which circulated Wednesday, showed Jewish students standing in the library, watching as the protesters banged on the locked doors and chanted through the glass panels. The protesters shouted “Free, free Palestine” according to the Daily Mail. (RELATED: Columbia Pauses Annual Donation Day Amid Israel-Hamas War Protests On Campus)

The pro-Palestine protesters initially held a rally in the lobby of an academic building on campus. Jewish students reportedly took shelter in a library to protect themselves during the demonstration.

The protesters, apparently knowing the Jewish students were hiding in the library, confronted and forced their way past a security guard blocking a stairway and barged up the stairs toward the library doors.

Conservative commentator Mark Levin claimed that police were called for 40 minutes, but they were “afraid to get involved.” Authorities eventually arrived on the scene, allowing the Jewish students to flee any potential danger.

Student protests and demonstrations regarding the Israel-Hamas war heightened tensions on college campuses across the country. Left-wing student groups released statements condemning Israel in the wake of the Hamas terror attacks. Universities have been sluggish to condemn on-campus displays of antisemitism, prompting a backlash by wealthy donors.