Shocking Video Shows Biker Smashing Into Truck At 140 MPH, Getting Thrashed By 18-Wheeler — Results In 20 Broken Bones

[YouTube/Screenshot/Public — Street Demon PC]

Andrew Powell Sports and Entertainment Blogger
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Because, of course, this happened in Florida.

A biker is lucky he just broke 20 bones (and fracturing even more) rather than get himself killed after pulling a ridiculously ignorant daredevil stunt on a Florida highway — and a busy one at that.

Known by the name Street Demon PC, the biker published the shocking footage on YouTube, showing when he was knocked out cold after trying to fly through semi-trucks and cars at more than 140 MPH, and then getting thrashed by an 18-wheeler.

The clip begins with the motorcyclist — riding a Honda CBR600RR — merging on Interstate 95 near Daytona Beach. Wasting no time, the biker immediately starts shooting through traffic easily going over 100 MPH.

Everything was going smoothly for the daredevil for a solid three minutes, but then the traffic began to thicken even more, forcing him to start switching lanes at a rapid pace and barely missing a tractor-trailer at one point. But his luck would be short-lived, because right after zooming past the 18-wheeler … BOOM! … he blasts right into the back of black GMC pickup truck. In fact, the biker hit the much-bigger truck so hard that the impact sent it into another lane. (RELATED: Outright Unbelievable Video Shows A UFO Crash That Looks Like It’s Straight Out Of A Bad Sci-Fi Movie)

When that happens, the motorcyclist gets knocked unconscious, but still placed on top of the bike while it continues to roll along. And while it was moving up the road, an 18-wheeler clips the daredevil on his left side, resulting in him crashing into a ditch.


And this is exactly why the Sunshine State has Dan Newlin and Bagen Law commercials on television every five seconds…

We need to clean this up, Florida. We drive friggin’ ridiculous.