‘We Said No!’: Chicago Residents Reject Housing More Illegal Migrants


Julianna Frieman Contributor
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Chicago residents rejected housing more illegal migrants Tuesday evening at a Brighton Park neighborhood meeting.

Residents protested when construction crews were seen working at the site of the proposed encampment for approximately 2,000 migrants, according to Fox 32 Chicago. The 10-acre empty lot at 38th and California was confirmed Monday as the intended site by city officials.

“The city of Chicago has been identifying viable sites across the city to construct base camps as an alternative to new arrivals sleeping outdoors, at O’Hare and on the floors of police district stations as winter fast approaches,” a statement from the mayor’s office said. “The site at 38th and California appears viable, and the intention is to construct temporary shelter at this site.”

The site would become Mayor Brandon Johnson’s first “winterized base camp,” according to the outlet. Residents called the city’s office after spotting construction equipment at the site. (RELATED: Chicago Mayor Tells Residents To Make ‘Sacrifices’ To Benefit Illegal Immigrants)

Ald. Julia Ramirez and an aide were accused of initiating the project without the community’s input during a Thursday demonstration, prompting Ramirez to push the administration to be “more open” and “more transparent,” the outlet reported. She said the mayor’s office did not inform her of the migrant shelter plans in a letter shared Sunday on X.

“Nobody asked us, nobody told us,” one community member said at the meeting on Tuesday. “We have a few thousand people here who signed their signature and said ‘no! We said no!”

Residents expressed concerns regarding neighbors living on the streets and the safety of children walking on the streets to get to school, the outlet reported. There were over 3,000 illegal immigrants awaiting shelter Tuesday, according to the Chicago Office of Emergency Management and Communications. Migrant families are expected to start moving into the West Town shelter beginning Nov. 1.