Referee Slobberknocks High School Basketball Coach And Then Gloriously Gets Clocked By Player Defending His Skipper


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And I thought my Dolphins had zebra issues…

A referee has been arrested after walking up to a high school basketball coach during a game last weekend and delivering several vicious punches his way, originally hitting him with a slobberknocker to put him on the ground after a verbal altercation.

Then, things escalated into an all-out brawl after one of the skipper’s players gave a glorious clip to the back of the scandalous official’s head to defend his coach.

The chaos broke out Saturday, Oct. 21 during a fall league game between Arlington and Oak Hills, who were playing at Santiago High School in Corona, California, according to TMZ.

In the second half of the contest, Oak Hills head coach Rob Alexander became upset with referee Brandon Knapper over how he was officiating, which escalated into an argument between the two.

The video obtained by TMZ shows Knapper — a 26-year-old who used to play college basketball at West Virginia, Eastern Kentucky and Cal State San Bernardino — walking up to Alexander around Oak Hill’s bench and having a brief chat with the coach before giving him a good pop.

When the coach fell to the court, Knapper went for even more punches, but before he could completely go ham, one of the skipper’s players ran at him in a beautiful blaze of glory and rocked the failed baller-turned-zebra in the back of the head to defend his ball coach, which allowed others in attendance to break up the situation.

Police showed up to the scene and Alexander was transported to a local hospital in the aftermath, according to TMZ. The game was cancelled. (RELATED: Pure Chaos: Two Moms Get Into Wild Brawl On School Bus In Front Of A Bunch Of Screaming Children)

Alexander requested to press charges against Knapper, according to police per TMZ, who turned himself in and was hit with two felonies — battery causing serious bodily injury and assault by means likely to produce great bodily injury.

Knapper was booked Sunday into the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department jail, with bail being placed at $25,000, according to TMZ. He was later released Wednesday. He’s due in court Nov. 3.


This dude is a failed player who turned into a failed (and violent) referee … life really does come at ya fast, man.