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Winning and Living: Marcus Withers’ Vision for the Future

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Sam Walton’s words have inspired Marcus Withers; “High expectations are the key to everything.” Marcus knew as a kid that he wasn’t interested in working for others and that being successful meant not having to worry about being able to pay bills. He wanted to “get Rich or die trying.” 

Withers knows the entrepreneur’s mantra which features a life that is never the same two days in a row. He is constantly on the lookout for inspiration and understands that wealth is the result of having inspiration and working to combine it with perspiration. Passion and drive equals excellence. Withers closed his first auto dealership a little more than a year ago and won’t stop until he turns that into ten. 

His first inspiration to embrace the automobile industry came from his wife’s father, Winston Pittman, a legend in the business.  Pittman influenced Marcus to learn the business from the ground up. Marcus started in sales and finance at one of the Pittman Enterprise dealerships, Bowling Imports BMW Mercedes Benz, and quickly became a fleet director at the Dodge dealership in Louisville, Kentucky. After a few years working in the family business, Pittman sold the Bowling Green Imports dealership and Marcus moved to real estate. 

For a decade and a half, Marcus has been working on expanding his real estate holdings. He rehabs old buildings, creates new developments, refurbishes old venues, and creates value and opportunities. Through real estate, he went into owning music studios as well as nightclubs, leaving a mark on Louisville’s entertainment & cultural scene. 

In 2021, however, he knew it was time to move on. “I owned a nightclub and music studio at the time, so when that opportunity came to take me to the next level, I sold my nightclub, and I sold my music studio,” he recalls. “I put the chips on the table, and I bought a car dealership.” 

The first acquisition was Chrysler of Lawrenceburg, a Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, and Ram dealership that’s been operating since 2014. After some difficulty, Wither’s team turned things around. Marcus’ management and Withers Automotive soon acquired a Lincoln dealership which presented a very fast purchase and sales opportunity. Withers always likes short-term gain but also stays focused on long-term growth. 

Now, in negotiations for another location, Marcus is confident that it will kickstart a cascade of new locations in the future. 

“Every business is a step up for me. Buying homes, making them more valuable, selling them, finding focus in music studios to make money. “Every situation can be life or death, so I fight like my life depends on it.” Mark Twain reminds us “Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear – not absence of fear.” 

But Marcus Withers’ vision for his future is about greatness and legacy. Through his real estate company, The Property Group, he’s working hard to develop affordable housing for people who need it. With a philosophy is to lift others up, empowering them to their best outcome. 

“My heart right now is in the automotive industry, and I want to continue to grow,” Marcus concludes. “But I still want to do affordable housing projects. I’m called to do that. That’s what I’m inspired to do for my inner-city people. Growing up in the inner city, I feel like affordable housing is how I give back. That’s how I create great living spaces for people who are less fortunate.” 

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