It Takes Trucker Two Minutes To Pick Apart The EV Narrative: ‘You Would Need To Pack 50,000 Pounds Of Batteries’

Public/Screenshot/X — MusicScarf via freightfamous

Brianna Lyman News and Commentary Writer
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It took two minutes for a Canadian trucker to dismantle the electric vehicle (EV) narrative, video posted to X on Tuesday shows.

An Edison Motors trucker told the cameraman he doesn’t see himself transitioning to a vehicle that is 100% electric in a video originally posted to TikTok on the “freightfamous” account.

“Do you ever see yourself going 100% EV?” the cameraman can be heard asking.

“No,” the trucker said.

“And why not?” the cameraman asked. (RELATED: CCP-Tied Battery Firm Could Pose Major National Security And Espionage Threats, New Report Warns)

“I mean, maybe if battery technology gets better, grid infrastructure gets better, but … a logging truck uses about two-and-a-half megawatts of power per day with extra capacity in the battery, means you need a three-megawatt battery pack,” the trucker began. “The biggest one is a Tesla semi, which is a one megawatt, so you need three megawatts to run an electric truck. That would mean you need to pack 50,000 pounds — 40,000 to 50,000 pounds of batteries, just to do a full day.”

“And then, let’s just say we can even get those batteries down to the same weight where it’s reasonable, the grid infrastructure — we haven’t invested in our electric grids since the 1950s, 1960s, 1970s … Logging trucks in British Columbia, that’s a niche industry. There’s 5,000 logging trucks that haul logs at two-and-a-half megawatts of consumption per day. That’s 12.5 gigawatts of power.”

“Site C Dam has been under construction for the last 15 years at a cost of $20 billion, and that has a 1.1 gigawatt,” he continued. “So a $20 billion dam that takes 15 years to build has a 1.1-gigawatt capacity and logging trucks, just logging trucks alone, are using 12.5 gigawatts.”

“You would have to flood an area of land the size of Wales to produce that hydropower,” the trucker said.

“We need a lot to make a fully electric vehicle feasible on the North American grid with batteries and all that. But if you can make it more efficient, and you can make it a hybrid and you can reduce your fuel consumption by 50% and you can burn that as a generator, it’s one R.P.M. [revolutions per minute], running hot, burning cleaner.”

“Well, isn’t a 50-60% reduction in emissions a lot better than investing everything into a fully electric technology that’s not really going to work for 90% of the applications, meaning that the other 100% are still burning 100% of the diesel?” the trucker concluded.