Woman Allegedly Poisoned Her Boyfriend Hours After He Inherited $30 Million Because He Was Planning To Dump Her: REPORT

FREDERIC J. BROWN/AFP via Getty Images

Mariane Angela Entertainment And News Reporter
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A woman in North Dakota is accused of poisoning her boyfriend shortly after he inherited a $30 million fortune, according to police and a report from the New York Post.

Police arrested Ina Thea Kenoyer, 47, on Monday, according to a statement from the Minot Police Department (MPD). She is now facing class AA felony murder charges. Her boyfriend, Steven Edward Riley Jr.’s, health took a turn for the worse when he met with his attorney Sept. 3 to collect a $30 million inheritance, the New York Post reported, citing police records.

Despite her boyfriend allegedly feeling sick Sept. 3, Kenoyer called 911 on Sept. 4, according to the outlet. Paramedics reportedly arrived at Riley’s residence to find him unresponsive, and he passed away at the hospital Sept. 5. The autopsy revealed Riley had ingested antifreeze, according to the NY Post, leading investigators to suspect Kenoyer’s involvement in the poisoning.

Kenoyer allegedly made a series of Facebook posts claiming her innocence in the days leading up to her arrest, suggesting Riley had taken his own life, according to the NY Post. She allegedly contended they were in a committed relationship. It was further revealed that Riley had intended to end the relationship shortly after receiving his $30 million inheritance, according to the NY Post, which raised suspicions Kenoyer may have been attempting to secure a portion of the fortune ahead of any purported breakup. She reportedly argued she was entitled to half of Riley’s fortune since as his common law wife, despite North Dakota’s lack of recognition for such unions. (RELATED: Woman Accused Of Killing Boyfriend With A Sword Smiles During Mugshot)

“Rest in peace dad… I had a feeling it was her with how everything played out, but fuck I wish we made plans to see each other sooner,” Riley’s son wrote to Facebook, according to the NY Post. “Hope she gets what she deserves for taking you from this world.”

Kenoyer is currently being held without bond at the Ward County Detention Center. She is representing herself, the NY Post reported, citing court records.