Famous Museum In Barcelona Goes Fully Nude

(Photo by Gianluca CHININEA / AFP) (Photo by GIANLUCA CHININEA/AFP via Getty Images)

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A Barcelona, Spain, museum embraced nudism Saturday, offering a special tour to visitors where they could roam around fully naked, video shared by Reuters shows.

The Museum of Archaeology of Catalonia collaborated with the Catalan Naturism Club to organize a 90-minute special viewing of the “Bronzes of Riace” exhibition, according to Reuters. The display features Luigi Spina’s photographs of two significant Greek bronze statues of nude warriors. The statues date back to the 5th century BCE and were discovered near Riace, Italy, in 1972.

“We wanted to make it a more colorful visit and not the typical guided tour. We wanted people who came to see it to feel exactly the same as the work they were looking at,” guide Edgard Mestre, who also went nude for the tour, told the outlet.

The museum’s website encouraged tour participants to appreciate the artworks by ditching their clothes and posing in the same way as the subjects of the photographs while surrounded by other naked bodies, per Reuters. (RELATED: Wisconsin Republicans Propose Bill To Outlaw Public Nudity After Naked Bike Run)

“(I feel) the same intensity as observing it with clothes on, but with the difference that we might understand better that nudity has always existed and bodies should not be a source of shame for anyone,” a 59-year-old health worker named Marta, who was among the participants of the Saturday tour, told the outlet.