Clip Of Bearded Trans Lady Rabbi Heckling Biden Has Megyn Kelly In Stitches

Screenshot/YouTube/Megyn Kelly

Ilan Hulkower Contributor
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A YouTube clip of a transgender heckler claiming to be a rabbi demanding a ceasefire between Israel and Hamas had Megyn Kelly laughing Thursday.

The heckler interrupted President Joe Biden during a speech at a fundraising event Wednesday in Minnesota identifying as a rabbi and said he wanted the president to “call for a cease-fire” immediately. The president responded by saying he wanted a pause in fighting “to get the prisoners out” of Gaza. (RELATED: ‘Headed For A Global War’: Glenn Beck Says ‘Miracle’ Needed For US To Avoid WWIII)

Megyn Kelly picked up the story and found it funny.

“Jessica is a man pretending to be a woman, and I don’t know if she is pretending to be a rabbi, too,” Kelly said during “The Megyn Kelly Show.” She later laughed and said, “She is a bearded lady Reconstructionist rabbi.”

The heckler was removed from the event and identified as Rabbi Jessica Rosenberg, Newsweek reported. Jon Levine, a political reporter for the New York Post, supplied a photo of the face of the bearded heckler on Twitter.

Reconstructionist Judaism is the smallest and youngest denomination among the big Jewish groups in the United States. The branch known for its progressive political and religious views, My Jewish noted.