Disney Guests Are Apparently Pooping On The Ground While Waiting In Line For Rides

Joe Raedle/Getty Images

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Disney World guests are reporting that fellow visitors are relieving themselves while waiting in line for the park’s rides, according to New York Post.

Park guests took to social media to detail the disturbing experience, per the outlet.

“I am in the queue for [Rise of the Resistance at Disney World] – someone let their kid take a dump on the floor and then they just walked out and left it- WTF?” one Disney World visitor wrote on Reddit. (RELATED: Idiot Jumps Off Disney World Bridge Into Restricted Lagoon And Is Lucky A Gator Didn’t Clamp Down On That Buffoonery)

Another Redditor backed up this claim, claiming to have also witnessed park guests defecating while in line.

“For the skeptics… this actually happened. Fun fact: this was one of 3 s—t-related incidents at Rise today,” the Redditor posted. “Less fun fact: I was here for all 3 of them.”

Another poster claiming to work at Disney wrote that these incidents were commonplace at the theme park, and that staff have become desensitized to them over time.

“Bodily fluids no longer bother me after working at Disney,” the user wrote. “Let’s just say that the attraction I work at has what the cast ended up dubbing ‘the poop hall’ because of the amount of times guests have gone in there and pooped.”

“We even put up a camera and it didn’t stop it,” the Redditor added.