Kids Smash Paintings To Show Off Their Total Ignorance About What’s Actually Killing The Planet


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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Another round of idiot children decided to smash priceless pieces of art on Monday, leading to two arrests and another round of eye-rolls from those of us who understand what’s actually killing the planet.

Two angry, stupid little minions from the Just Stop Oil organization smashed the Rokeby Venus by Diego Velazquez, which was also slashed by suffragette Mary Richardson back in 1914, according to the group’s official social media. The incident occurred at the National Gallery in London.

Those responsible for this heinous and pointless act of vandalism are apparently named Hanan (age 22) and Harrison (20), according to Just Stop Oil, which did not release their surnames. Both were arrested, BBC reported.

This is yet another example of undereducated British youth doing something for attention, not purpose, and it really has to stop.

So what’s really killing the planet? Literally nothing. This up and down in temperatures is absolutely normal. We’re barely, and not even technically, out of our Last Glacial Maximum, which lasted for millions of years before now. The planet is going through a natural cycle of changes.

The only reason people like Hanan and Harrison are angry is because they lack the necessary skill sets to actually live in harmony with the nature they seek to protect. (RELATED: Two Stupid Children Attempt To Destroy Van Gogh’s ‘Sunflowers’ So They Can Get Attention)

But the kids in this video and so many others can’t be bothered to do the basic reading to understand how they’ve been misled by the global elites who fund their little “organizations.” These kids would rather suffocate in their stupidity, making the world uglier for the rest of us instead of doing anything helpful or meaningful to mitigate their concerns.