Field Hockey Player Calls For Change After Male Knocks Girl’s Teeth Out In ‘Traumatic’ Incident


Sarah Wilder Social Issues Reporter
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Field hockey player Kelsey Bain is calling for action against a male player who knocked the teeth out of a female player who at a Massachusetts high school Thursday.

The male player, Sawyer Groothuis, inflicted “significant” facial and dental injuries on female teammate, according to the Sun Chronicle. Trainers rushed to the field after the hit, while the female player could be heard shrieking in pain, according to video of the incident. One coach described the interaction as “traumatic,” in a statement to the outlet. (RELATED: EXCLUSIVE: States Rally To Support Mom Suing School That Allegedly Hid Daughter’s Gender Transition)

“Following the injury, my teammates were sobbing not only in fear for their teammate but also in fear that they had to go back out onto the field and continue a game, playing against a male athlete who hospitalized one of our own. This traumatic event sheds light on the rules and regulations of male athletes participating in women’s sports,” Bain, who is a team captain, wrote in the letter.

Males are allowed to compete on female teams under the rules of the Massachusetts Interscholastic Athletic Association.

“Understanding that you can not easily change the Equal Rights Amendment, the MIAA can use the tragic incident from the November 2nd game as an opportunity to at least change girls’ field hockey.”

“The rules of high school field hockey were created for female versus female play. Altering the rules and equipment to adapt to gameplay involving boys is not only an inconvenience but it comes with physical and emotional cost for players who are forced to change the game they love.”

Swampscott High School Athletic Director defended the male’s placement on the team in a statement to the Sun Chronicle.

“We are sorry to see any player get hurt and wish the Dighton-Rehoboth player a speedy recovery. The Swampscott player who took the shot is a 4-year varsity player and co-captain who, per MIAA rules, has the exact same right to participate as any player on any team.”