American Kids In Crisis: Daily Caller’s ‘Do No Harm’ To Expose Fallout Of The Transgender Movement

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Gage Klipper Commentary & Analysis Writer
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In 2022, the Daily Caller’s debut documentary, “Damaged,” exposed the gut-wrenching truth about children victimized by the transgender movement. Our latest documentary, “Do No Harm,” premiers Dec. 5 and will uncover what drives the doctors behind this movement to forsake their most important oath. We went undercover to expose the carnage in youth gender clinics before more harm can be done.

The Hippocratic Oath is a rite of passage for every medical student: “first, do no harm.” Doctors pledge to abstain from any treatment if the pain and suffering outweigh the benefits. Yet this standard has been entirely abandoned in the dystopian world of pediatric gender medicine.

In order to alleviate mental distress, doctors are psychologically, chemically and sometimes physically mutilating children with irreversible procedures that leave them damaged for the rest of their lives. The liberal advocates of these “treatments” know they can’t say this out loud. Instead, they talk about “gender affirming care” — a pleasant-sounding euphemism for some of the most stomach-churning medical procedures imaginable.

With the support of our dedicated Patriots subscribers, the Daily Caller went undercover to expose the reality of this poisonous word play.

Our investigative reporters took a deep dive into the history of transgender medicine to determine how America’s most trusted medical organizations fell under the spell of radical transgender activists and silenced all dissent.

A handful of brave medical professionals remain, however, dedicated to fighting back against the craze that has overtaken their field. We sat down with them to discuss the ethical problems that arise from unquestioningly “affirming” gender-confused patients.

Most damning of all, we sent one fearless reporter into Planned Parenthood to discover just how easy it is to begin a life-altering course of “gender affirming care.”

Drawing on our investigation, we devised a plan to fight back. We sat down with policy experts and lawmakers to discuss legislation that will push back against these radical procedures and protect children from predatory doctors moving forward.

But the fight begins at home. Teachers, school administrators, therapists, doctors — everyone involved in early childhood development is pushing the same line: that boys can be girls and girls can be boys. They use euphemisms like “gender affirming care” to hide the grisly reality from parents and children alike until it’s already too late.

By binging daylight to the child sex-change industry, we hope to give parents the information they need to better shield their children from this madness.

We know this will be no easy feat. We are going up against some of the most powerful — and vindictive — players in America’s political scene.

The people pushing the transgender craze have powerful institutions standing behind them. The purple-haired kindergarten teacher has a corrupt union dedicated to secretly transitioning children without their parents’ consent. Radical doctors tout their affiliation with Ivy League schools and the American Medical Association to bolster their legitimacy. Therapists have the American Psychological Association and an alphabet soup of credentials to give their soothing snake oil an air of scientific credibility. An army of liberal donors (and taxpayers) funds Planned Parenthood’s vast network of clinics, which push cross-sex hormones on children and rake in billions of dollars every year.

This horrifying trend shows no signs of letting up: “gender affirming care” is now a lucrative industry, creating a life-long cash flow with each new patient.

Yet, as “Damaged” showed, just because a treatment sounds gentle does not mean its result will be. “Gender affirming care,” in reality, means giving a child new clothes, new pronouns and even a name at school — all without telling the parents. It means the chemical castration of young boys with powerful drugs once reserved only for the most depraved sex offenders. In the worst instances, it means double mastectomies and grotesque “bottom surgeries,” in which new genitals are painfully grafted from other parts of the body and take years to heal — if they ever do.

Liberals will never tell you any of this. They are determined to “affirm” gender identity by denying sex — and reality itself — by any means necessary. With vast political power and seemingly limitless funding behind them, these vicious ideologues are determined to create a brave new genderless world. But we at the Daily Caller are equally determined to stand in their way.

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