‘How Did You Expect This Was Gonna Go?’: Gutfeld Slams Libs For Giving ‘Green Light’ To ‘Woke Tactics’ Targeting Jews

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Hailey Gomez General Assignment Reporter
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Fox host Greg Gutfeld called out liberals on Tuesday on “The Five,” stating that the “green light” they’ve given for “violence” and “destruction” is now targeting Jews.

Since the Oct. 7 terrorist attack on Israel, the United States has seen an increase in protests supporting Hamas, including many from progressive backgrounds. Gutfeld aimed a question at liberals, asking where they can go when all there is is “destruction” and “violence.” (RELATED: Here’s How The Liberal Money Machine Is Fueling Pro-Hamas Activism) 

“What you’re seeing is what happens when adults leave the room. The Democrats refuse to police this growing malignancy among their younger peers. Instead, they implicitly endorse their woke tactics. Whether it’s shutting down speech, pushing for censorship, saying the Republican speech is violence, but their violence is social justice, employing the race card and everything — basically saying it’s okay to riot and loot from 2020 on,” Gutfeld said.

“They justified all sorts of crimes in the name of social justice, and now they’re redefining Jews — not as victims of atrocities, but genociders themselves. They’re basically advocating for their extermination. So the Dems have birthed and coddled a monster — and now that monster is out. And now they’re dealing [with] it,” Gutfeld continued. 

“Meanwhile, the White House has decided to focus on the manufactured narrative of white supremacy for the last three years. You wanted opportunity cost, that’s an opportunity cost. They kept saying there are millions of extremist MAGA-heads out there. But meanwhile, within their ranks, a racist ideology has grown. They’re all wearing masks. Now they’re putting targets on Jews, right? So now you’re seeing liberal Jews going, ‘holy crap, I thought these were my allies,’” Gutfeld stated.

“The question for liberals is, what’s left to hate? Right? Hatred towards the West, hatred towards experience, hatred towards achievement, even hatred towards success, and hatred towards beauty. Is it any coincidence that activists deface art? It’s something about excellence they despise,” Gutfeld stated. 

“So the big question to liberals is, how did you expect this was gonna go? More peaceful or more violent when you have been endorsing this over and over again? How did you think this would culminate? You’ve given a green light to future destruction and future violence.” (RELATED: Officials Release New Details In Homicide Investigation Of Jewish Man)

Thousands of protesters swarmed the White House on Saturday yelling chants such as “Allahu Akbar,” and “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free.” Photos taken from the protest showed red handprints smeared across the entry gate north of the White House and defaced statues as well as Palestinian flags wrapped around a Benjamin Franklin statue, according to Fox News