War Footage Shows IDF Troops Examining Gaza Kindergarten Allegedly Laden With Weapons, Explosive Devices

(Screenshot/Public/Twitter - Israel Defense Forces)

Brent Foster Contributor
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Wartime footage released Sunday by the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) reportedly shows a Gazan kindergarten which was allegedly laden with weapons and explosive devices.

Beginning inside what appears to be a kindergarten, the IDF footage shows shows a colorful but abandoned room. (RELATED: Israeli PM Netanyahu Hits Back At CNN Host Pressing Him To Take Responsibility For Hamas Attack)

A soldier explained via IDF-provided English subtitles they found “two very large explosive charge blocks” and “two sacks full of ammunition” near a bed and closet when they arrived in the kindergarten.

The soldier continued, saying the ammunition bags were “each weighing 15-20 KG,” adding that the soldiers eventually moved the weapons away to a nearby building.

Arriving at the building, the soldier pulls a bullet from one of the ammunition bags and examines what he described as an “explosive charge” along with “two explosive charge blocks,” according to the video.

The IDF says the soldiers belonged to the 551st Brigade, which “exposed and destroyed weaponry found in civilian areas over the past two weeks” while “operating in northern Gaza.”

Composed of paratroopers and reservist commandos, the 551st Brigade has been working alongside other IDF elements amid Operation Swords of Iron, the Jerusalem Post reported.

The fighting comes as Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu maintains his refusal to authorize a ceasefire until the release of all hostages captured by Hamas since the Oct. 7 attack, according to the Associated Press (AP).

Saturday saw the reported death of Hamas commander Ahmed Siam in an Israeli airstrike. Siam allegedly held around 1,000 Gazans hostage in a hospital.

American National Security adviser Jake Sullivan told ABC News Sunday that nine Americans are still missing as Israeli forces continue their push into Gaza.