‘I’m Going To Have You Thrown Off This Train’: Sen. Chris Coons Begs Reporter To Stop Asking Questions

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Brianna Lyman News and Commentary Writer
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Democratic Delaware Sen. Chris Coons threatened to have a reporter kicked off an Amtrak train after he was hounded on his position in Israel.

The Grayzone News’ Aaron Maté asked Coons why he refuses to call for a ceasefire in Gaza.

“Senator, I’m sorry to put you on the spot, but why not call for a ceasefire in Gaza? Why not call for a ceasefire in Gaza? You have 4,600 children killed–”

“This is a quiet car–”

“I know this is a quiet car, and I apologize [inaudible]–” Maté said.

Maté argued children are being killed with U.S. weapons before Coons once again asked Maté who he was. Maté again identified himself.

“Nice to meet you, Aaron. Please stop talking to me,” Coons said before again asking what outlet Maté works for. (RELATED: Netanyahu Says Israel Will Take Control Of Gaza Strip Indefinitely, Despite Biden Admin Pleas)

The reporter continued to rattle off the same statistics, which come from the Hamas-run Gaza Health Ministry.

“Aaron, you’re bothering me and everyone else around you,” Coons said.

“Sir, could I please have some help here,” Coons then said to a passing Amtrak conductor.

“I’m asking you to stop. This is not an appropriate place for you to interview me. You’re bothering everyone else around you.”

Coons then told the conductor Maté was bothering him on the quiet car before the conductor appeared to walk away.

Coons told Maté he’s supported humanitarian efforts and has urged the Israeli government to target their campaigns directly against Hamas.

“Aaron, Aaron, please stop or I’m going to have you thrown off this train,” Coons said as Maté refused to relent. “You asked me 10 times … this is not professional journalism. Please get up and leave now.”

Maté then tried to criticize Coons for saying that 1,400 Israelis were murdered by Hamas, instead arguing the number was actually fewer and that not all were civilians.