Famous Actress, Failed Politician Cast In ‘I’m A Celeb’ Reality Show

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Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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Actress Jamie Lynn Spears and failed British politician Nigel Farage are heading into the jungle for the upcoming season of “I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here!”

The absolutely trash television reality show from Britain’s ITV is a fan favorite, as Deadline noted. Millions of people tune in every week to watch the careers and modesty of their favorite celebrities disappear into oblivion, and the next season sounds like it’ll be an absolute stunner.

I’m sure there’s nothing the people of Britain want more than to see Farage forced to eat slug, get bitten by bugs and embarrass himself irrevocably on national television. Most Brits hate this chinless loser for forcing us into a Brexit deal that murdered our economy, but also because he’s a total snob and seems to look down on anyone of a blue-collar background.

He’s also run for political office in Britain seven times, and lost every single time … so clearly this is his last ditch attempt at being famous before he’s forced to beg on another boring book tour.

From what I understand, Americans like Farage… which is really sad and weird because he is, by definition, a totally spineless loser who just pretends to like you so you’ll pay him, in my opinion. Also, most English politicians look down on the U.S., so there’s not much sense in you looking up to them.

The last British politician who took part in the show, former Health Minister Matt Hancock, was suspended for his appearance, Variety reported at the time. (RELATED: World’s Most Oblivious British Woman Sits On ‘Morning Joe’ And Complains About Guns In America After July 4)

Farage and Spears will be joined by a bunch of British celebrities I’ve never heard of, who are apparently famous for something. The series premieres on Sunday, Nov. 19, and I’m sure it’ll be an absolute trainwreck!