JAMES: In The Fight For Life, Adoption Must Remain The Most Viable Alternative

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Scott James Contributor
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Seventeen years ago, my wife and I were faced with the news that we were biologically unable to have children. We decided to grow our family through adoption. I think I speak for all adoptive parents when I say that adoption changed our lives for the better. I am a father because a brave birth mother chose life and adoption. 

Our nation is polarized by the partisan, often emotional policy fight between the pro-life and pro-choice movements. As legislators at the state and federal level navigate the issue of abortion after the Dobbs decision, policymakers and activists on both sides of the issue must remember that adoption is a viable choice and an important factor in this discussion.

Like many of my Northern Colorado neighbors, I believe that life begins at conception. That is a personal belief. I recognize that the issue of abortion is just that, deeply personal, and one that we are tired of being divided, attacked, and judged over. I am troubled when I see politicians seemingly celebrating abortion. Again, it is a deeply personal issue and one that seems to have drifted far from President Clinton’s “safe, legal, and rare.”

When it comes to life, we must come out of our silos, begin having conversations, and build consensus on how we create a culture of life and human flourishing. To that end, I believe our elected representatives must use their voices to encourage adoption nationwide, and incentivize the choice for life.

Adoption grows and strengthens the most fundamental institution in America — the family — and joins children with parents to fortify this vital societal element. If our goal is a culture of life and human flourishing, there is no better way than to promote adoption as an option for families and create incentives for expectant mothers to choose life.

The adoption process can be confusing and worse yet, stigmatized. The reality is that adoption is the most practical, viable alternative for both expectant mothers and parents looking to begin or grow their families. Adoption is the epitome of pro-life. That is why we must work toward a better understanding of how both potential adoptive parents and expectant mothers can access adoption. 

To foster a culture of life, Congress must adopt pro-family policies and incentivize mothers experiencing an unintended pregnancy to consider adoption as a viable choice. These incentives can include expanding the Child Tax Credit (CTC), implementing an additional tax credit for adoptive families, giving new adoptive parents flexibility with paid parental leave, establishing grant programs for states to offset costs associated with adoption for qualifying families, and funding critical resources for expectant mothers so that all information is available and they have opportunities to offset the costs associated with prenatal care and childbirth.

Adoption fills a kid-sized hole in parents’ hearts and fosters a culture of life for families across Colorado and nationwide. It is time our elected leaders embrace and encourage this option via incentives and advocacy. When I am elected to the U.S. House of Representatives, I will continue to serve my community by advocating for the choice of adoption and working to offer expectant mothers and families incentives to make that choice.

November is National Adoption Month. As we approach the Thanksgiving holiday, I am thankful for my family, which was made whole by adoption. My prayer is that we save as many babies as we can, help as many mothers as we can, and create a culture of life and human flourishing through the acceptance and support of the great blessing that is adoption. 

Scott James is a Republican candidate for Colorado’s 8th Congressional District.

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