Florida Firefighters Release Video Tutorial On How To Deep Fry Thanksgiving Turkey Without Burning Your House Down

[Screenshot/YouTube/WPLG Local 10]

Andrew Powell Sports and Entertainment Blogger
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It’s funny how this still needs to be warned about … every year though, every single year.

In South Florida, the Broward Sheriff Fire Rescue held a demonstration Tuesday, which they do every Thanksgiving season, issuing a reminder to citizens to be safe if you decide to deep fry a turkey for, well, Turkey Day.

On YouTube, there are tens of thousands of tutorials on how to cook a bird, and when you combine that with factors such as cost, geography and speed, it equals to people blatantly ignoring warnings on how to deep fry as the method gets more and more popular.

Taking place at Lauderdale Lakes, the Broward Sheriff’s Office Fire Rescue put on a live demonstration that it’s okay to deep fry a turkey, but you have to be safe about it as it can be extraordinarily dangerous.

It’s funny to me that warnings like this still need to be issued in 2023, but at the same time, it’s not the most surprising thing considering how my fellow Floridians are … not that they’re dumb, but it’s outright wild in this state. (RELATED: Police Charge Key West Man With Felony For Allegedly Eating ‘Florida’s Spectacular Sea Snail’)

And quite frankly, with how crazy “Florida Man” can get, I wouldn’t be stunned to find out that people in this state have graduated from deep frying and invented new ways on how to cook a turkey. Sure, deep frying is getting more and more popular across the entire United States, but here in Florida?

Our innovation is out of this world. Never underestimate Florida Man.