‘Many, Many Hospitalized’: Mysterious Illness Infects Chinese Students

(Photo by PETER PARKS/AFP via Getty Images)

Julianna Frieman Contributor
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Several Chinese students have fallen ill with a mysterious pneumonia in Beijing and Liaoning, the Daily Mail reported Wednesday.

Hospitals in China are “overwhelmed with sick children,” creating complications for attendance in school classes, which are “on the verge of suspension,” according to the Daily Mail. Symptoms of the sickness include inflammation of the lungs and a high fever, but traditional flu and respiratory illness symptoms like coughing were reportedly not present.

An alert by ProMed warned about the illness Tuesday. The publicly available global surveillance system monitors infectious diseases.

ProMed brought COVID-19 to the attention of doctors and scientists, including the World Health Organization (WHO), in Dec. 2019 as a mysterious illness, according to Daily Mail.

“With the outbreak of pneumonia in China, children’s hospitals in Beijing, Liaoning and other places were overwhelmed with sick children, and schools and classes were on the verge of suspension,” the ProMed alert said. “Parents questioned whether the authorities were covering up the epidemic.” (RELATED: CCP Ordered Destruction Of Early COVID Samples, Order Shows)

Some scientists have alleged the COVID-19 virus initially emerged from an accidental leak at a Chinese laboratory. Former National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases Director (NIAID) Anthony Fauci allegedly initiated an effort to suppress the theory that the origins of COVID-19 could be traced to a laboratory in Wuhan, China, according to a report released in July 2023.