‘But Still’: MSNBC Analyst Touts ‘Low’ Thanksgiving Costs Before Noting How Substantially Lower They Were Under Trump

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Brianna Lyman News and Commentary Writer
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MSNBC’s Steve Rattner tried to tout low Thanksgiving costs before noting that costs were substantially lower under Former President Donald Trump.

“Morning Joe” host Joe Scarborough argued that Americans are giving negative views on the economy in polls because of “disinformation.”

“The disinformation coming from certain news sources driving those numbers way down because, of course, if you have Republicans who are making more money than they have ever made in their lives and they’re watching certain news networks, they’re going to tell pollsters and everybody else, ‘oh the economy is doing horribly’ when in fact 80% of Americans say their situation is pretty good right now.”

“There’s definitely a disconnect in the economy,” Rattner said. “The approval ratings for the handling of the economy, right track, wrong track numbers, looks out into the future about where they think things are going, are all pretty deeply pessimistic. But along the way, they are spending money, and actually doing better with inflation coming down as I can show you here in the context of Thanksgiving and the holiday shopping.”

“So let’s take a look at the cost of a Thanksgiving this year. So 72% of Americans according to a recent survey, thought the cost of Thanksgiving would actually be higher this year. In fact, the cost of Thanksgiving, according to the farm bureau and the bureau of labor statistics is going to come down slightly. It’s going to go from $64.05 last year, to $61.17 this year.” (RELATED: KJP Whips Out A Literal Food Menu To Claim This Thanksgiving Is Actually One Of The ‘Cheapest Ever’)

“Now, in fairness, we did have a runup in the kind of Covid era. It was down as low as $49. But still, this is good news,” Rattner continued, highlighting on screen how the cost of a Thanksgiving dinner under the entire duration of Trump’s presidency was under $55, down from when former President Barack Obama left office.

Data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows the average price American families will pay this year to celebrate the holiday will be the most expensive in history. Turkey, bread, potatoes and desserts have seen a dramatic spike in price since Biden took office, with prices increasing since last year, data shows.