Video Shows Mystery Dogs Cause Up To $350,000 In Damage At Car Dealership: REPORT

YouTube/Screenshot/Public — User: WFFA

Samuel Spencer Contributor
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Who let the dogs out?!

Security footage shows two mystery dogs ripping apart cars at a Houston, Texas dealership, causing up to $350,000 in damages, according to the New York Post. The dogs visited the car dealership on three occasions between Nov. 6 and Nov. 18, treating cars like chew toys. The dogs had their way with five cars at the dealership, says the outlet.

“You just never think a dog has the kind of power to tear up a car like that,” manager Gaby Fakhoury told ABC 13. “Nobody wants to leave their cars anymore. They want to make sure they get straight into the office. They’re so scared.”

Finance manager Imran Haq thought the damage was done by a wolf, not a couple of strays, according to ABC 13. The dealership has informed the Houston Police Department of the incident, but there is not much authorities can do unless the canines pose an immediate threat to civilians, the police said, according to the outlet. (RELATED: ‘7 Times Longer And Wider’: Scientists Say They Found The First Mammal That Mates Without Penetration)

“They are saying they cannot do anything until these dogs hurt someone,” Haq said.

The security footage initially showed a cat, which is likely what the dogs were following when they entered the dealership, according to ABC 13. Authorities have encouraged businesses to keep their establishments harder to access from stray animals. However, even the fence surrounding the dealership failed to deter the dogs from getting in.

What made the dogs want to destroy the vehicles? It’s possible they learned the national average for car loan interest rates is up to 6.63% for new cars and 11.38% for used cars.