Video Shows Dad Confronting Grinch Holding ‘Santa Is Fake’ Sign In Front Of Elementary School: REPORT


Dana Abizaid Contributor
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A Texas man dressed as the Grinch attempted to steal Christmas by holding a sign during morning drop off at an Amarillo elementary school that read “Santa is Fake. Jesus is Real,” ABC7 News reported.

Many parents were upset with the Grinch — a man named David Grisham — who held the sign outside Sleepy Hollow Elementary School, according to ABC7 News. Video captured an irate dad apparently confronting Grisham, grabbing the sign and throwing it to the ground.

“[Grisham] shouldn’t be pushing his agenda [on] any people’s kids,” another angry parent told ABC7 News. (RELATED: Was This Christmas Ad Written By The Actual Grinch?)


The Amarillo Police Department did not arrest the Grinch, said he was “lawfully on the sidewalk” and did not break any laws, ABC7 News reported.

When ABC7 News asked Grisham if he understood why parents were upset, he responded, “I understand why they’re upset. They’re upset because they’re prideful and don’t want to admit that lying to their child is wrong in spite of what God’s word says. They’re more concerned with the traditions of men rather than the truth. And they double down on the lie because of pride and they are angry because they want to blame the person telling the truth than the one who told the lie that prompted the truth to expose the lie.”

ABC7 News also asked Grisham about ruining the “magic” of Christmas.

“I’m not concerned about the ‘magic’ of Christmas but the MIRACLE of Christmas in the virgin birth of Jesus Christ,” Grisham said.

Sleepy Hollow Principal Kelsey Williams said she was sad the “unwanted and uninvited” Grinch frightened “some of our kiddos and families,” according to ABC7 News.