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Everything you want to know about lab grown diamond engagement rings

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If you’ve found your significant other and are ready to take your relationship to the next level, then congratulations! Now comes one of the most exciting parts about starting your life together: the perfect engagement ring. 

Even though traditional diamond engagement rings have long been a staple for occasions like engagements and weddings, they have also been historically very expensive and not an option accessible to everyone. This is where lab grown diamond engagement rings come in – a great option for couples who value beauty, affordability, and sustainability above everything else. 

What are lab grown diamonds, anyway?

As the name suggests, lab grown diamonds are created and grown in a lab, as opposed to those which are mined after being discovered hundreds of miles beneath the Earth’s surface. While their presence and popularity have been rising steadily in recent years, lab grown diamonds have actually been around since the 1990s. 

If you’re on the hunt for a stunning diamond engagement ring that’s easy on the wallet and practically on par with regular mined diamonds, then lab grown diamond engagement rings are worth every penny. 

How are lab grown diamonds different from traditional ones?

While traditional diamonds are found below the Earth’s surface, lab grown diamonds are grown in a lab, where specific conditions mimic the high temperatures and pressure found below the Earth’s surface. 

Grown in a lab under the right conditions, lab grown diamonds are optically, physically, and chemically identical to their Earth-minded counterparts as the process is essentially the same: a series of carbon atoms bonding together in a crystalline structure.  

Placed side by side, you can barely tell them apart, so it’s better to go with the more economical and sustainable option. Furthermore, natural diamonds require specialized skills which can pose a hazard both to diamond miners and the environment as it requires a lot of water. 

Lab grown diamonds are an ethical and environmentally friendly means of sourcing as it requires significantly less water, and underpaid workers required to work in often dangerous conditions are not exploited in the process.  

Finding the perfect lab grown diamond engagement ring

With lab grown diamond rings, there are many different styles to choose from, complementing your vision and aesthetic preferences almost perfectly. 

Not sure where to start? Here are some ideas:

Side stone rings for unmatched extravagance and timeless sophistication 

Lab grown diamond engagement rings with side stones have become a very popular choice for couples nowadays, especially those who want a ring that exudes sophistication, elegance, and just the right touch of extravagance. 

Side stone diamond engagement rings feature a beautiful lab grown diamond at the center which is complemented by smaller diamonds or, in some cases, gemstones on the sides. This addition of side stones can add a lot of extra beauty and brilliance to the engagement ring, creating a rather eye-catching and captivating piece of jewelry that is sure to leave people stunned. 

Halo rings with their unmistakable sparkling surroundings 

If you are after extra glamor and sparkle, halo diamond engagement rings are for you. These gorgeous jewelry pieces feature a lab grown diamond that’s surrounded by a hallo of smaller, more intricate diamonds, perfectly accentuating the brilliance of the center stone. 

The halo setting truly brings out the ring’s overall appearance and appeal, creating a lovely effect which can leave you mesmerized. No matter what kind of halo ring you end up choosing – an oval, round, radiant or pear-shaped centre diamond one, e.g. – halo rings can add the perfect touch of luxury and glamor to your lab grown diamond engagement ring.

Classic solitaire rings for unapologetic elegance 

It’s been said before and we’ll say it again: diamond solitaire rings are the epitome of unmatched, timeless elegance. The single lab grown diamond at the center truly allows all its beauty to take center stage. Additionally, this centerpiece is what brings out the diamond’s purity and brilliance, despite given the relatively simple design of solitaire rings, thus, creating a very sophisticated and captivating look. 

Whether you prefer a marquise, heart, emerald, round, or cushion diamond, a solitaire ring is an excellent choice that will likely never go out of style when it comes to lab grown diamond engagement rings. 

Symbolic and meaningful: Three stone rings

Three stone rings are loved and cherished by couples everywhere as they symbolize all timelines of a relationship: past, present, and future. A larger lab grown diamond is typically showcased in the center with two smaller diamonds sitting on either side. 

This intricate design represents the journey of true love – from how the relationship started to what it holds in the future. Apart from being visually striking, three stone rings carry a deep and profound sentimental value, making them perfect as a diamond engagement ring. 

A lab grown engagement ring can be a great way to start your journey with your significant other. Browse through this extensive collection to pick something that speaks to you. 

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