Man Reportedly Shoots And Kills Wife Within Hours Of Marrying Her

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Mia Hernandez Contributor
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A groom in Thailand shot and killed his wife on Saturday before shooting three others and then himself just hours after they were married, according to the BBC.

Chaturong Suksuk allegedly shot his bride, Kanchana Pachunthuek, her sister, and her mother after leaving the wedding party and returning with a gun. Police say his motive is unclear while the wedding guests told police that the newlyweds had fought during the party, the BBC reported. (REPORT: Man Accidentally Shoots His 12-Year-Old Grandson While Officiating Wedding)

Guests also alleged that Chaturong had insecurities concerning the 15-year age gap with his wife, and police stated Chaturong was “quite intoxicated at the time,” the BBC reported.

Additional bullets struck two guests, leading to the death of one of the guests.

The newlyweds were living together for three years before their wedding, the BBC reported.

Chaturong had legally bought the ammunition and gun last year. The husband had patrolled Thailand’s borders as a member of the paramilitary light infantry force when he lost his leg on duty. Chaturong went on to participate in the Asian Para Games in Indonesia, where he won a silver medal for swimming last year, according to the BBC.

Chaturoung was allegedly going to be an athlete competing next month in Thailand for the World Abilitysport Games.

Police have stated that they are still collecting evidence but that the case is expected to close soon.

Two months ago in Iraq, a wedding celebration resulted in the deaths of over 100 people after flares lit a ceiling decoration, leading it to burst into flames. There were an estimated 150 injuries and a total of 113 deaths.

Arrest warrants were put out by Iraq’s Interior Ministry for the venue owners due to violations and the hall not meeting the proper safety criteria.