EXCLUSIVE: Middle School Course Tells Students To Explore Sexual Identities, ‘Understand The Politics Of Privilege’

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Sarah Wilder Social Issues Reporter
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Long Beach Unified School District in California is offering courses to children encouraging them to explore their sexual identities and study social justice, according to materials reviewed exclusively by the Daily Caller.

An investigation by Parents Defending Education (PDE) has revealed that the district is teaching middle schoolers about sexuality and “privilege,” and high schoolers about how “traditional gender roles” interact with concepts such as “human trafficking” and “rape.”

One class offered to middle schoolers aims to help students “develop a greater understanding of their own race, class, gender and sexual identities.” Students as young as 11 who take the course will “understand the politics of privilege” including “historical reasons for structural racism, classism and discrimination.” (RELATED: Utah School District Pulls Dozens Of Books Including ‘Gender Queer,’ ‘Two Boys Kissing’)

The high school ethnic studies course has many of the same course objectives as the class for middle schooler’s, with added sections on “sexual discrimination/harassment, human trafficking, birth control, abortion, rape, and domestic violence.”

Suggested activities for the course include having students separate by gender and discuss “messages communicated around gender.” One of the recommended resources for this activity is a pamphlet on the “gender spectrum,” which teaches that “being transgender or gender non-conforming is normal and healthy.” Another recommended activity is for the students to “read articles about rape culture.”

“This topic is incredibly inappropriate for children, especially in the context of a social studies course. This is fearmongering,” Alex Nester, Investigative Fellow for PDE, told the Caller in a statement. “This lesson does nothing to protect children or teach them valuable lessons on health and safety. Rather, it uses valuable time in the classroom to peddle a dark and depressing view of our society to children.”

A November investigation by PDE revealed exclusively to the Caller showed that Genders & Sexualities Alliance (GSA) clubs are popping up in schools all across the nation, often under names such as “Queer Straight Alliance,” “Rainbow Club,” and “Affinity Group.” Schools in states from California to Florida to Kentucky were named in the investigation.