Guys, I Think We Found The Dumbest People In America


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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A resurfaced clip went viral in late November showing what appears to be the dumbest people in America.

Tourons (a mashup of “tourist” and “morons”) at Yellowstone National Park thought it was a great idea to get out of their car to take close-up photographs of two bison who were fighting in the middle of the road. Originally shared by USA Today, the clip will somehow make you hold your breath and scream in rage at the same time.


The video starts with the two bison going head-to-head in what looks like a pretty angry match. The beasts are each roughly around the size of a car, but have the speed and agility of any apex predator (even though they’re vegetarians).

No one with an ounce of common sense would get anywhere near these two dudes. And I’m surprised so many people stayed close by in their cars, given the potential damage that could occur. But all of this chaos was clearly an appetizing photo opportunity for what appears to be an older couple, who got out of their vehicle and approached the terrifying animals.

“Hey you guys need to back up! Get out. Get out of the way! They’ll kill you! Oh my God, my heart is thumping,” the people filming screamed at the older couple, who were barely feet away from the bison. (RELATED: Woman’s Body Found In Yellowstone National Park After ‘Bear Encounter’)

The fact Yellowstone only tells people to stay at least 25 yards away from one of these animals is ridiculous to me. Firstly, who measures things in yards anymore? Secondly, these animals gore people seemingly every year in the park … why are we allowed anywhere near them ever?

And why, oh why, did this couple get out of their car?