Woman Loses Both Legs After Brutally Attacked By 3 Pitbulls

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Julianna Frieman Contributor
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An Iowa woman lost both of her legs after she was brutally attacked by three pitbulls last week.

Brittany Skoland was left in critical condition after the mauling, which caused her to undergo amputations of both legs and parts of her hands along with facial reconstruction surgery, according to the DailyMail.

“She had both legs amputated to her knees and parts of her hands,” Teresa Hanus, Skoland’s aunt, said. “She is going to need facial reconstruction surgery, she also has serious head trauma and much more.”

Officers found the woman actively under attack by the dogs when they arrived at the scene to respond to a neighbor’s report of hearing cries for help around 11:25 a.m. in Fort Dodge, according to the outlet. The pitbulls were shot by police multiple times after failed attempts to scare them away.

“I had heard the gunshots,” neighbor Kerri Johnson told KCCI. “I came outside originally and I saw police with his gun drawn. He had said for me to go inside and I did, I did go inside, but after a couple of moments, my curiosity is piqued.”

“I stepped out into the driveway just to take a peek, I saw a black dog lying down on the ground deceased, which is super sad,” Johnson said.

Skoland was transported to Unity Point Trinity Medical Hospital from the scene by an ambulance to treat her severe injuries, the outlet reported. Once arrived, she was taken to Methodist Medical Center via helicopter. (RELATED: REPORT: Man Punches, Tackles Bear In Fist-Fight To Save His Dog)

Hanus said Skoland “has lost a lot more then we originally thought,” the outlet reported. Hanus set up a fundraiser for her niece, which raised more than $8,000 by Friday afternoon. The funds will be used to widen Skoland’s doors to accommodate her wheelchair.