Judge Offers Woman Who Threw Burrito Bowl At Chipotle Employee An Unusual Way To Reduce Her Jail Sentence

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Ilan Hulkower Contributor
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Timothy Gilligan, an Ohio judge, offered Rosemary Hayne a way to reduce her nearly six-month sentence by two months after she was found guilty of assault.

Hayne, a 39-year-old woman, had thrown her Chipotle order at Emily Russell, a fast food restaurant employee, over her unhappiness with how the food looked back in September, Fox 8 reported. (RELATED: Judge Hands Down Sentence For Teenage Synagogue Arsonist)

Gilligan said that if Hayne elected to work for a fast food restaurant for at least 20 hours per week for two months he would reduce her sentence by 60 days, the outlet reported.

“So I thought, why should the city taxpayers pay for her and feed her for 90 days in the jail if I can teach her a sense of empathy?” Gilligan explained, according to Fox 8.

“I also hope this deters others from this type of behavior,” he added.

Hayne accepted the judge’s offer, the BBC reported.

Customer captured confrontation with their phones, the outlet noted.

Hayne also apologized for her conduct to Russell, according to Fox 8. Joe O’Malley, Hayne’s attorney, told CBS MoneyWatch that his client “truly regrets her actions and the pain that it caused.”

“My client is grateful for the opportunity to get a job to reduce her sentence and demonstrate her true remorse for her behavior at Chipotle,” the attorney added.

Russell, who quit her job over the trauma of the incident, told Fox 8 that she thought the judge’s sentence was fair and Hayne “didn’t get a slap on the wrist.” Yet, Russell felt that Hayne’s apology was insincere, CBS reported.