Elections In Crisis: Daily Caller’s ‘Rigged’ To Expose Fallout Of The 2020 Election

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Gage Klipper Commentary & Analysis Writer
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For nearly three years, former President Donald Trump has infamously touted how the 2020 election was rigged. He has discussed voter fraud, ballot tampering and irregularities in the counting process — some combination of which he believes resulted in millions of fraudulent votes for Joe Biden. While it truly beggars belief that Biden’s “Weekend at Bernie’s” campaign won him the most votes of any candidate in American history, the sad fact is that Democratic operatives didn’t need to tamper with ballots so brazenly. The election was rigged long before Election Day. 

The Daily Caller’s latest documentary “Rigged,” debuting this January, will explore the decades of election challenges and interference that brought the country to where it is today.

We will delve into the history of challenged elections and the ongoing effort to secure election integrity. From Al Gore to Stacey Abrams, claims of stolen elections are nothing new in American politics. But the establishment, corporate media and all of our elite institutions only decided to care now that it’s Trump making the accusations. The sad irony is that all of those who joined the #Resistance to call Trump an illegitimate president immediately turned on a dime to decry anyone who questioned election outcomes.

Democrats may not have stuffed millions of ballots in the middle of the night, but the fact remains that 2020 was not a regular election — and many questions remain unanswered. Three wild abuses stand out, which together made it all but impossible for Democrats to lose the 2020 election.

How exactly did mail-in voting and other procedural irregularities build Democratic advantages into the system? How did widespread censorship and propaganda shape the way Americans voted? What would Democrats do to hold onto power  — or better yet, what wouldn’t they do?

The three-step outline of how Democrats rigged the election is clear. But many details remain hidden or unclear. With the support of our dedicated Patriots subscribers, we will leave no stone unturned in pursuit of the truth.

First, Democrats secured changes to long-standing voting procedures in key battleground states that ensured a systemic advantage far before Election Day.

A 2018 study showed that increased voter turnout in Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin would have been enough to shift the election in favor of Hillary Clinton. COVID-19 provided a convenient, if specious, excuse to change voting procedures in these states and others. Despite being constitutionally dubious, an army of well-funded Democrat lawyers ensured the changes held up in court. Wealthy Democrat donors then poured money into “election administration” to boost turn-out in Democratic districts. For voters who made “errors” casting their vote, officials went door-to-door “curing” their ballot after the fact. But in Pennsylvania, this was carried out disproportionately in Democratic districts.  

The corporate media cast this as an effort to “expand voter access” or “fight voter suppression,” but it was no attempt to stimulate a more vibrant democracy. Rather, it was a cynical ploy to harvest votes from low-information voters who would not usually bother to cast a vote — all while making our elections less secure. 

Having made voting virtually effortless, step two was to make it thoughtless as well. A barrage of corporate-media propaganda framed the election as a battle between good and evil, making it clear there was only one legitimate choice in the 2020 election. Meanwhile, social media banned and censored conservatives en masse, aiming to delegitimize every conservative position from COVID to Hunter Biden’s laptop as disinformation. Corporations reinforced this through their virtue signaling and willingness to cancel anyone who stepped out of line. 

In the run-up to the election, all of American society seemed to ask the question: “Do you want to brand yourself a hateful bigot; to destroy your reputation and career; to become an outsider in your own country? Or do you want to vote for Biden?” Those politically unequipped to see through the ploy can be forgiven for choosing the latter. 

Media lies also set the stage for step three — the rolling left-wing riots that torched American cities for the months leading up to the election. Democrats and their allies unashamedly pushed the lie of systemic racism, providing a moral justification for the riots. This “Summer of Love” was not an organic protest against injustice, but a heavily organized and orchestrated attempt to beat those still-undecided voters into submission — in some cases literally. It was effectively a state-sanctioned campaign of political violence meant to prove the country was ungovernable under President Trump.

Combined, all of this created a massive structural advantage for Biden, as Democrats consolidated their control over the election and made themselves the arbiters of legitimacy. The cost? Severe damage to trust in our elections, a loss of credibility among all our leading institutions and a vicious polarization that has still yet to abate. More than ever, Democrats feel they have a right to rule.

That is why it’s so important to uncover the truth — we must find out exactly what happened in 2020 if there is a chance of preventing it again in 2024. Without answers, our elections will never be the same again.

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