‘You Don’t Know What’s Going On!’: Scarborough’s Voice Cracks As He Explodes On A ‘Morning Joe’ Regular

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Brianna Lyman News and Commentary Writer
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MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” host Joe Scarborough on Friday exploded on Princeton University Professor Eddie Glaude Jr., who claimed college campuses aren’t illiberal.

Scarborough noted the panel has been “very critical” of the Israeli government.

“But there’s a big difference between that and Jews, kids, not being able to walk across a college campus without being berated or harassed, or Menorahs not being able to be put up on college campuses without being defaced,” Scarborough said.

Watch the explosive argument as Scarborough gets visibly red in the face: 

Glaude argued that there are professors on college campuses who believe Israel’s government is wrong and that the description of what is happening on campuses isn’t “correct.”

“Eddie, there are Jewish parents that would say you are living on another planet. Their children stay in their dorm rooms. They are scared to go to classes. Their parents call them and tell them, ‘stay inside today,'” Scarborough said. “It is happening, Eddie, and I’m surprised that you don’t know that that is happening when you are — I love you, I just can’t — I can’t let you say that this is not happening on college campuses because I know it is.”

“Joe, I’m saying that it’s happening in spaces. I said painting with a broad brush, painting with a broad brush because what’s happening is that we’re linking — we’re linking these discussions as a way of critiquing colleges and universities as these hotbed spaces of illiberalism, that that’s the problem, that woke-ism is the problem, that DEI is the problem, so we need to disentangle what are rightfully genuinely fears on the part of Jewish students… but we cannot it seems to me, let this bleed into a criticism of these — of colleges and universities as these illiberal spaces overrun —”

“They are illiberal, Eddie. They are illiberal. There have been speech codes on college campuses, kids who have been bubble wrapped for five, six, seven, eight, nine years. Bubble wrapped! They need their own safe spaces. You’re not allowed to say this. You’re not allowed to say, Eddie, if you don’t think that your students aren’t afraid to raise their hands and say something that’s unpopular that will get them canceled on social media, then you don’t know what’s going on in your own campuses!” Scarborough said, nearly panting from flying into a rage. (RELATED: ALAN DERSHOWITZ: Here’s How Woke DEI Initiatives Fuel Antisemitism On College Campuses)

“Kids who are conservative, kids who are liberal, kids who identify themselves as progressive, they are horrified of being canceled on college campuses because the illiberalism that has continued to rise on college campuses for the past seven years now suddenly — suddenly, it’s Jews who are getting harassed and people are going, ‘we have to have free speech. No safe spaces. Please, let’s not bubble wrap these Jewish kids. Let’s just — we can have the debate.’ Come on, Eddie. Where have you been, my friend? ”

Watch the aftermath of their tense exchange: 

Anti-semitism has run rampant on college campuses following the horrific Oct. 7 attack in Israel by Hamas. Rabbi David Wolpe announced his resignation from Harvard University’s anti-Semitism advisory committee recently over the university’s woke ideological capture. Wolpe claimed anti-Semitism runs rampant in both the staff and student body at the university and that the groups see Jews as “intrinsically evil.”

The move came after Harvard University, MIT, and University of Pennsylvania presidents refused to say the school would punish students for anti-Semitic slurs or phrases and would only take acted if a student acted violently.

Watch Scarborough slam the IDF over their response to the Oct. 7 Hamas attacks: