6.2 Magnitude Earthquake In China Kills At Least 111: REPORT


Mariane Angela Contributor
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A 6.2 magnitude earthquake struck China and claimed the lives of 111 individuals Monday, The Associated Press (AP) reported.

The earthquake took place in the late hours of Monday in the mountainous region of the country called Gansu, Chinese state media reported Tuesday local time, according to The AP. The province reportedly bore the brunt of the incident with 100 reported fatalities, while the neighboring area reported 11 deaths. Casualties extended beyond the loss of life, with over 200 people reported injured, according to the outlet. Gansu reportedly accounted for 96 of these injuries, while the neighboring area reportedly saw no less than 140 of its residents hurt.

The U.S. Geological Survey assessed the earthquake’s magnitude slightly lower at 5.9, The AP reported. However, the impact was no less severe, with reportedly significant disruptions to essential services. CCTV, a Chinese state broadcasting organization, reported extensive damage to utilities, including water and electricity, and the compromise of critical transport and communication networks. (RELATED: Earthquake, Tsunami Warning, Aftershocks Rock The Philippines)

Social media posts depicted scenes of the aftermath of the earthquake. President Xi Jinping responded immediately to the tragedy, according to CCTV, The AP reported. Relief efforts are reportedly underway, with essential supplies including tents, folding beds and quilts being dispatched to the affected areas according to state media, the outlet reported based on state media. Xi reportedly emphasized the urgency of rescue operations to reduce further casualties.

This recent earthquake follows a series of seismic events in China, including a 6.8 magnitude quake in September 2022, according to The AP. That disaster reportedly resulted in 76 deaths and occurred amidst stringent COVID-19 lockdowns in the provincial area.