Cops Post Hilarious Announcement After Someone Stole An Entire ‘Tiny House’

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John Oyewale Contributor
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A sheriff’s office in southwestern Utah made a hilarious announcement Monday about a property theft in a social media post.

“Have you seen me? Somehow this Tiny House has been misplaced. (someone may have borrowed it without the owner’s permission and have not told anyone where they left it…),” the Washington County Sheriff’s Office wrote in part in a witty Facebook post that ended with the hashtag #WeKnowTheHousingMarketIsBadButThisIsExtreeme.

A photograph of the missing house, a towable home, accompanied the post.

Some commenters indicated that they had seen a similar towable home in various places and hoped it would be the missing home. Others could not help but react to the hilarity of the police announcement and the tragicomedy of the alleged theft.

The missing house had a registration number not unlike that of a travel trailer or a manufactured home, the Washington County Sheriff’s Office said in a comment on the post.

“[I]t’s missing from Apple Valley Utah. From Zions Tiny Getaway. Someone came and stole it,” commented Katie Ward, who also identified herself as being a co-owner of the missing home. “We are hoping to get it back. I think they were being funny to grab attention to gain engagement on this post. Which it did 🎉 so they are doing a great job!” (RELATED: Man Allegedly Tracks Down His Stolen Truck, Kills Suspect In Chaotic Shootout)

Two other people, Erik Ward and Monica Flaherty, also identified themselves as co-owners in separate comments.

“[W]e have quite a few tiny homes. Some are actually for sale. This particular one was stolen just in the last couple days,” Katie Ward commented in response to someone who said they had recently seen a similar towable home on Facebook Marketplace.

A commenter, Kara Finch, and her husband, Justin, told Flaherty and Erik Ward that she and her husband Justin had found the house and reported the finding to the county police.

“Anything can be stolen if someone is determined enough,” Sheriff Sgt. Lucas Alfred said, per the local outlet St. George News.