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Groundbreaking Advocacy Software Platform Uses New Technology to Promote Civic Impact

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US-based advocacy platform CiviClick is transforming public affairs campaigns with its cutting-edge technology.

Impacting policy change can feel like a distant dream to many ordinary citizens. Activism and lobbying are powerful vehicles for change, but require an effective approach to mobilize people who might not be aware of the influence their voice can have on lawmakers. A pioneering new platform for civic technology is using AI to evolve the grassroots advocacy industry. 

Founded by experts with decades of experience in the public affairs and lobbying sphere, CiviClick allows citizens to record personalized video messages for direct access to lawmakers at every level of government. The emotional legacy of this medium can be far more effective than signatures on a page. 

Unlike other platforms, CiviClick’s technology allows the use of QR codes which means advocacy action is not limited to web-based communications. Calls to action can be quickly accessed via leaflets, pamphlets, and billboards, spreading the message more efficiently. Public affairs campaigns can cover a vast amount of topics such as increasing government funds for foreign aid, cancer research, sports betting, police reform, and even regulatory initiatives. 

Many citizens might support these issues if they had the visibility and practical steps to do so. In this increasingly polarized society, people can feel powerless in the face of the 24 hour news cycle. Communications from CiviClick that set out a clear path to lawmakers can help provide empowering action for those who want their voices heard, but do not have the time or resources to go at it alone. 

With thousands of outlets competing for the public’s limited attention, it can be nearly impossible for C-Level executives and public affairs professionals to get their message across. The variety and volume of mediums that CiviClick offers can solve this problem. Campaigns can be tailored to activate via email, video, phone, photos or social media for omni-channel engagement. 

Automated thank you messages can be part of the workflow, as well as a staggered communication schedule so as not to overwhelm lawmakers and their staff with thousands of messages. Clients can take advantage of the database of tens of millions of contacts that CiviClick can reach via field canvassing, social media, texting, email, digital ads, and phone calls. Public affairs and digital advocacy practitioners are also available to add extra support in terms of strategy, segmentation and campaign planning. 

Founder and CEO Chazz Clevinger’s libertarian outlook and passion for grassroots advocacy is built into the foundations of the business. “Many lawmakers have told me that in order for them to properly consider both sides of a policy debate, they need to hear the unique voices of their various constituencies, and not just thousands of identical, pre-written form letters written by a lobbyist representing a particular special interest group,” he says.

Authenticity is a key driver behind the mission of CiviClick. Without judgment or censorship, they provide a platform for all voices and messages to be heard. Eschewing echo chambers, Clevinger believes it is vital to hear all sides of any issue: “There is a tendency towards political extremes in the public sphere, which do not reflect a true picture of the diverse and varied interests of society. Listening to voices from both sides of the aisle is crucial for lawmakers to make informed decisions, and CiviClick provides a conduit for lawmakers, lobbyists, and ordinary citizens to partner on better public policy decisions.” 

With true democracy at its heart, CiviClick has developed powerful technology that is creating new ways for citizens to connect with policymakers. “I founded CiviClick because I wanted to do something different that wasn’t just purely mechanical,” Clevinger says. “I focused on the most innovative and creative ways that technology can impact public policy dialogue, as well as the distinctly universal goal of being supportive of everyone’s right to free speech.”

Recipient of the “40 Under 40” Award from the American Association of Political Consultants for his lifetime contributions to the field of political and public affairs strategy and campaigning, Clevinger brings decades of expertise and nuanced insight to the business of persuading policymakers. Deeply involved in the industry, Clevinger is on the advisory committee for the Public Affairs Council’s Advocacy Conference and was a featured speaker at FreedomFest in Memphis earlier this year.

Other innovations at CiviClick include AI-generated email content, which uses machine learning to create impactful messaging to targeted segments of lawmakers based on voting history, party affiliation and other factors. This results in deeper engagement with the campaign by both advocates and legislative staff. The platform also uses gamification to create fun and engaging ways to become more involved in supporting a cause. Clients can create custom criteria that actively rewards participation and further increases engagement with a policy issue.

Even the programming language it is built on makes CiviClick stand out from the crowd. It uses a revolutionary new technology called Bubble, a SaaS platform that allows entrepreneurs to build at three times the speed of traditional hard code languages. Using a hybrid low-code and hard code blended approach to development, CiviClick is agile and able to develop new features at a much lower cost, the benefit of which is reflected in the robust set of tools they can offer their clients at the same or lower cost than competitors like Quorum or Phone2Action. 

This visionary drive to produce new avenues of communication to lawmakers is part of Clevinger’s passion for a new type of civic technology. “Everyone has a voice in the arena of ideas,” he says. CiviClick is uniquely designed to allow those voices to be heard.To learn more about how CiviClick can transform your public affairs campaign, visit their website.

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