Gypsy Rose Blanchard Of ‘Mommy Dead And Dearest’ Released From Prison Early


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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Gypsy Rose Blanchard, 32, who pleaded guilty to the second-degree murder of her mother, Dee Dee Blanchard, in 2015, was released from prison Thursday.

Gypsy Rose Blanchard served seven of the 10-year sentence she received for helping plot the murder of her mother with her boyfriend, Nicholas Godejohn, according to the BBC. She left the Chillicothe Correctional Center in Missouri early on Thursday morning.

The story of the Blanchard’s lives has gripped headlines, docuseries and more for the last 15 years, due to Dee Dee’s suspected case of Munchausen by Proxy, USA Today reported. Dee Dee Blanchard is suspected of lying to friends, family, charities, doctors, and her daughter, convincing potentially hundreds of people that Gypsy was terminally ill and significantly younger than she actually was.

Dee Dee’s alleged medical abuse of her daughter started when she was just 8-years-old. Eventually she was able convince Gypsy that she couldn’t walk, breathe, or eat as a normal person. She put her daughter in a wheelchair, and gave her a feeding tube and oxygen, despite Gypsy being perfectly capable of doing all of these activities without assistance.

Additional disorders Dee Dee claimed her daughter had include: seizures, asthma, hearing and vision problems. Doctors apparently prescribed medications to treat these fake disorders, and even performed surgeries on Gypsy that she likely didn’t need. (RELATED: REVIEW: ‘The Girl From Plainville’ Is Absolutely Terrifying)

Gypsy and Godejohn, who met online, devised a plan to escape from Dee Dee, which led to her being stabbed to death by Godejohn. Her life story has been chronicled in multiple documentaries and television shows, such as “Mommy Dead And Dearest,” and “The Act,” as well as multiple true-crime docuseries such as A&E’s “Killer Cases.”