‘So Was Joe Biden!’: Panelist Claps Back At Attorney Who Says Republicans Are ‘Uncomfortable’ Talking About Race

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Hailey Gomez General Assignment Reporter
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Political commentator Shermichael Singleton pushed back against attorney A. Scott Bolden after he claimed Republicans were “uncomfortable” with discussing race and slavery Thursday on NewsNation. Singleton stated President Joe Biden was just as uncomfortable until he served under the first Black president, Barack Obama.

Singleton and Bolden appeared on “The Hill” to discuss Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley’s recent comments blaming the Civil War on “how the government was going to run,” instead of calling out slavery. Bolden started out by stating the reason for race being a “factor” in the U.S. is because of the “uncomfortability” to discuss it, noting it might hurt Haley’s primary but not in the potential general election. (RELATED: Nikki Haley Claims Civil War Questioner Was A ‘Democrat Plant’)

However, Singleton pushed back and said Haley was not only a “candidate that bounces around” on every issue, but her answer would definitely “hurt her in the primary” elections.

“Why race is still a factor in this country is because of that uncomfortability. So how hard is it to say it was about slavery, and it was about freedoms and so forth and so on about treating people as human beings? As opposed to treating them differently. And I think that’s her challenge — It won’t hurt in the primary, but in the general, she’s going to hear this over and over again,” Bolden stated. 

“I think it will hurt her in the primary because if I’m a voter and I’m looking at Nikki Haley — this is a candidate that bounces around on every single issue. You have no idea what she actually stands for, and if I’m a donor I wouldn’t put my money behind that type of candidate,” Singleton stated. 

Bolden then interrupted the political commentator, stating Republican voters and candidates “don’t care” to discuss slavery or race.  The two NewsNation panelists argued back and forth, with Singleton calling out “white liberal progressives'” stance on race. (RELATED: ‘Not Ready For Primetime’: DeSantis Criticizes Nikki Haley’s Response To Civil War Question)

“That’s why Republican voters don’t care about slavery and they don’t want to talk about race. And they don’t want their candidates to talk about race,” Bolden interrupted.  

“Oh no I don’t agree with that. I do not agree with that, Scott. That’s not every single Republican voter in America,” Singleton pushed back.

“I didn’t say that. I said most. Most white Republicans don’t want to talk about race or the history of slavery in this country because it makes them feel bad,” Bolden stated. 

“So it makes white liberal progressives feel good? Is that what you’re saying? ‘Cause they certainly aren’t the standard bearers of racial discussion in America,” Singleton questioned. 

“You have to have a conversation about race authentically. And most of us are uncomfortable talking about race,” Bolden stated. 

Singleton continued to push back on Bolden’s statements, telling the attorney to not place the “blame” on Republican voters, emphasizing Biden had been “uncomfortable” with the topic prior to being Vice President to Obama. 

“So don’t just blame it only on Republican voters, Scott. But don’t only say Republican voters,” Singleton stated.

“Well they’re a big part of that because they are uncomfortable with the race question, period. 

“And so was Joe Biden! So was Joe Biden in 1970. So was Joe Bien during the crime deal. He’s only flipped because he was the Vice President to the first Black president. Come on, Scott,” Singleton stated. 

Following backlash on her comments regarding the Civil War, Haley blamed a “plant” from the Democrat Party for asking the question. The GOP presidential candidate stated the question had been asked to likely interfere with her campaign.